Smell The Coffee spell

Procure a rusty nail and hammer.
Submerge the nail in black coffee.
Obtain a large-ish photograph of the target, head must be fully visible.
Obtain a roll of paper such as used for printing out receipts.
Write in bullet points the painfully obvious and self evident truths that the target has somehow failed to grasp.
Up to five at once.

Wrap the paper tightly round the nail and use cellotape, pritstick et al to make it stay.
Affix the photo to corkboard - soap or even a block of wood.
Bury in filter coffee.
Read aloud from memory the ridiculously simple to understand facts that have somehow slipped past the target.
Drive the nail all the way into the targets head while yelling WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE BITCH!

The target will now have the error of his thinking illustrated to him in ways impossible to ignore and will also hopefully get a headache.


Perhaps more useful on oneself if the spell were slightly tweaked to enhance general wakefulness.

I feel like there’s a story behind this, that’s dying to be told…?

Just a little intuition as I was focusing on your target. I have a feeling said target might not care if you are having to resort to these levels =) a little advice is to analyze the situation from multiple angles with a little psychological analysis as to why the person is not waking up?

Ok lets put things into Perspective here. I will use Magick and The Matrix as merged Concepts. In the Matrix you have one group going around trying to:

-Wake people up (from Zion),
-then one has the Sheep which basically get dished out whats served to them…Some Love it, and some hate it…but they all essentially fall back into Program thinking Willingly or Unwillingly.

  • Then you Have “Programs” (these can come from any of the 4 Yuga Age periods like thr Bronze or Golden Age…basically a Time Period) who are the current running programs…however their also kinda useless like sheep as at some point they get recycled like Sheep back into the Source.
  • The Merovingian (aka Frenchman): this essentially represents any element of a highly dangerous and predatory program that has figured out how to survive the Matrix “purge” and is also a Vital Prime Program due to the flexibility of its nature where it somehow can Transcend multiple time periods (like an Immortal Vampire kind of in a sense). In reality this type of Being usually has some sort of special connections to “groups” in real life that allows them to make special transitions and evolve. If one is creative enough, one can somehow fit any of these different roles of Beings to a real world political/cultural/religious variant like an Archetype.

So how it relates to your Situation. Im gonna guess you fit the Zion side of things (along with Morpheus and Neo) where you are trying to wake someone up. Very few will wake up…thus, said person might be a sheep or program. But then in Real life you then have those who have already woken up…but instead utilized some form of magick or consciousness to Walk between realities and decided to Co-exist with The Matrix (rather than Zion Wilderness Source Realities =) in some creative form or another.

So whats my point or using these Analogies? The effectiveness of your spell from what I am guaging things makes it sound like it is based off some underlying desperation of where you have been hard at it to do something with said individual like wake them up. Now I could be wrong, but I do not know. My point of course is if you have had to Resort to this level (based off the emotional tone of the post) it would seem that you have misunderstood your Targets underlying motivations, or you for whatever reason cannot bypass or overpower it…because they are still not awakened? Or are they and simply are choosing to do certain things on purpose for their own reasons…where any of your actions fail to validate the existence they want to validate?

Just some food for thought as far as the approach goes. Whats the actual story on this?

Sorry too wordy. My point was it all boils down to Motivation and Incentives, and Awareness levels. People have different motivations and levels of awareness, so their incentivesnfor doing what their doing vary. At the very least if your actions dont work then one should recheck things as your dealing with someone fueled at the very least by a strong desire (if not a strong will). If said person is at the last and still holding onto their world with claws, then your dealing with a Strong Will and is very difficult to handle. Just food for thought as the Matrix terminology is different scenario examples of where people walk through this world with different sets of values that guide them =)

You know those times when you would completely win an argument if the other party wasn’t too stupid to understand your points. Or if they didn’t keep forgetting what you/they said five seconds ago, or when they decide to block you on messenger just as your about to post a dazzling rebuttal.

Yeah, I hate those times, this spell is a little bypass for those situations, it’s something that just came to me.

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