Smell of burning wood

Hey, just a quick one, are any demons or angels associated with the smell of burning wood. Long story short I had a near death experience a month ago (very near) I won’t go into detail but i was pretty close to passing over. Since then iv felt more “connection” during evocation a near constant feeling of being watched and every day for the past 2 weeks I can smell burning wood. So, does anybody know of and spirits associated with this? Thanks

They tend to appear differently to everyone depending on the person’s subconscious.

You’re better off doing a divination or trying to ask it directly to give you signs or clairsentiently tell you what they want and who they are.

If you read Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking, several of the entities had something to do with burnt wood by his pathworking descriptions. E.g. Bael - “The remains of burned branches on a slab of white marble.”

I’ve smelled burning wood once, but never cared to find out who it was… so I feel like, this might just be a relatively common smell for them… Could be anybody, and the smell alone isn’t really enough to go on.


There may be many reasons for that, apart form paranormal even some medical conditions that cause this,ie sinus infection.

But if we get back to paranormal causes; yes sometimes ghosts and entities are said to give off a smell on purpose. Scent is used as a form of communication and self expression. In your case ; where do you get that smell, anywhere or in a special place ( only at home or …). Is there any fire history in your area. Sometimes resident spirits who have experienced such a thing may yield such a smell. They may need to communicate with you for some reason So it doesn’t necessarily need to be a demon as such smell may be related to any kind spirits or simply may be a subtle message.

So as Maulbeere said above you need to use divination, you may get the answer from your subconscious mind.

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I don’t know about any history of fires in the area. Thanks to both of you for your advise and forgive the lateness of my reply, not in the best state of mind recently. I will definitely try divination.
Blessed be