Small story and questions

sorry to offend if ask but i am only curious. i thought muslims not allow to do magic or get in trouble if they catch you? i do not know much about this and ask being serious only. where i come from at birth they do not allow to learn other religion. my home country do not like us to explore but i live in other country now and want to learn.

The “chants” are called enns,you could find them online just search “name enn”

@icansayvet, you are right. I’m not muslim anymore (for a long time) since I never liked their aspect of looking on life and everything else. In their countries, if they catch someone who’s involved into magick, in their rules you’re losing your head or in the best case you’re getting deported to another country EVEN IF THAT RULE ISN’T WRITEN IN THEIR HOLY BOOK KUR’AN. And that doesn’t make any sense.

@thatrandomguy, thanks. I’ve found some enns and I hope that they are correct.