Small ritual signs

So myself and @Aluriel were on Kik performing a ritual to attract my crush. So I was casting the spell and the following chakras quite literally sparked and ignited: Root, Sacral, Crown. So I see him the next day and my root and sacral we’re literally on fire and I could feel the energy burst within me. Would this be a sign of success?


I’d say don’t focus on what is happening to you at this point as much as it might be tempting to do so.
Don’t know what your ritual was exactly (don’t tell us) but analysing this may fall under the old “lusting for results” thing UNLESS you did something which connects the two of you and you are sparking off each other.

If it’s the latter - then I’d say “Mmmm, come to papa/mama…” and slowly start to reel in but very, very, very slowly…

You want the excitement to build don’t you? :wink:

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I think that the moment you see him, and feel this, it’s time to approach him and say (at least) ‘hi’. Then, while talking to him, project this energy that you feel in your chakra’s upon him.

I’m looking forward for your story after you tried this.



It shows something happened, maybe try sending some of that energy to him?