Small digital highs to show how frequencies can affect us(and bring healing and powers)

The akashic records is the astral realm, the fouth dimension and removal of the limit of time. You can access it by projection or using your own mind. The crown chakra is your connection to it and the third eye lets you experience and see it. Everything in existence has it’s own frequency. By thinking of it and access the akashic records, allowing it to come to your mind, a frequency will appear. At first it will give weak results and the ability can take years to hone. Luckily, there are people that specialise in this ability. To decode the frequencies, digitalise it and give it to the people.
Here is a list of videos. These are meant to give subtle but noticeable energetic highs meant to expand consciousness and give you a way to enjoy yourself without physical absortion. Can be as noticeable as the nicotine high from a cigarette. Free and without addiction. Overload FREE Binaural Brain Dose MARIJUANA CRYSTALS Fentanyl Brain Dose (100x STRONGER MORPHINE) :heavy_check_mark:

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Can you demonstrate these experiments to us ?

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In what way? do you not feel it?

I mean , like can you give us something practical or show it to us

It was meant to give you a good time but if you want something practical