Slippery Magicky Slope, Dear Novice and Adept Magicians

I thought that this would be something good to say for people who don’t know it already.

“The hunt for results in magick will spell your undoing.”

Much like addiction, we may strive to see the next big thing in magick. Whether we’re just starting out and looking to jump in head first without any safety net or harness. Or whether we like to take our time to make sure everything is just right. We want results, I don’t think anyone would be able to continue without some small result pulling us in and keeping us engaged looking forward to what we do next. But there is a slippery slope IMO.

Sometimes when trying to get better communication wise with my succubus I would focus so much on the training on building communication than focusing on enjoying the time I have with her. This doesn’t just relate to relationships with spirits and entities though. It can be used in all parts of magick, whether you are trying to learn how to astral travel or build a meaningful relationship with an entity. Results in this context are like a drug almost in the sense that we search for that new high. Like finally being able to hear Lucifer or Belial or be able to enter the tgs on command.

My two cents is that taking a bird’s eye view on your experiences and trials in magick can let you enjoy much more of it.

Do you agree?


I think people who are going to get addicted will get addicted. People who don’t have that sort of personality don’t get any issues. I don’t have an addictive personality, I’ve been doing esoteric and magikal practices for 23 years and it’s never even been on the radar. But back in the day, I had like one book or one teacher and that was going to be it for months.

The only people I see talking about addiction so far are relatively new, and these days there’s just so much info to consider it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to figure out a path through it.

But other than that the esoteric becomes the usual pretty fast, ime. You adapt and then carry on I woldn’t see continuing the journey as anything like trying to maintain a high, more like finishing the course.


I have come to agree. But letting go of the Lust for result is very hard when you want something

That’s why you do it after all.


But the pleasure of magick is found in the experimentation to achieve desire. Finding ways that work time and time again to bring results. That’s why it’s really an art. It takes trial and error to figure some of these things out.


I agree with @Maulbeere. New people like to spout off without searching the forum and i agree with @FraterMagni Experimentation is Key in magick. Trying to find out the Process is half the fun.

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I worry sometimes that people seek phenomena rather than results, and even though they get what they asked for, because the demon didn’t manifest solidly enough to put up some shelves, they think it can’t have worked.


Absolutely agree. Even without lust for results, just researching, learning from the spirits you work with is definitely much more interesting than mundane work.
About 10 days ago I went through an initiation,shortly after my pact with Samael was done.
Lilith told me, I am not supposed to do any rituals or spells for 2 months, to I get fully grounded again.
The only exception is the Dark Moon Ritual I do with Lilith every Dark Moon. But that’s more "hanging out’ I don’t ask for anything.
Finding balance between the occult and physical life is extremely important and not always easy.