Slingshot effect from evocation?

In Joseph C. Lisiewski’s book “Ceremonial Magic” he mentions a slingshot effect that can potentially occur if a full manifestation of the entity does not occur. If a full manifestation does not occur then he recommends to abort the evocation immediately and give the license to depart or one may suffer the consequences of a slingshot effect.
He goes on to describe the slingshot effect as things going wrong with your life in general and with human relationships. Such as financial problems, ill health, and problems with friends and lovers. The cause of the slingshot effect he says is improper subjective synthesis and the resulting subconscious belief system. I’m about to do my first evocation and this scares me a bit. Has this happened to any of you? And what do you guys think of it?

You would also have to take into account how effective your astral senses are.

There are a few instances throughout history in which those “evoking” were not looking for physical manifestations. Early cults dedicated to Hecate would call Her down into an idol, then make offerings and petitions once Her spirit was felt.

I would say do some divination before and after the evocation, so that way you know if your misfortunes are due to the spirit or just cause we live in a chaotic world.

That “slingshot effect” is bullshit. At first, I’ve been working with entities this way a lot and I haven’t encountered any problems whatsoever.

Thanx guys, that makes me more confident going into my first evocation.

I read that book a while back.

Isn’t that the one where he chides you to follow the Grimoire to a ‘T’? For instance if you don’t get the proper bark from a tree you’re going to fail and that sort of nonsense?

I wasn’t impressed with that book…Read E.A’s Evoking Eternity, practice all of the exercises in it, read the newsletters, practice the exercises in them, etc.

That’s the best place to start…but hey if you want to hunt down dying calves having a menstrual cycle in the house of mars while the virgin pig pees on your oak tree…as the grimoire instructed you…go for it.

Yeah i have read all of E.A’s books, watched his mastering evocation course videos, and read all the evocation books i can find out there.

This particular book is the only one that i’ve seen that mentions anything like a “slingshot” effect so of course i’m not just going to accept what he says as fact. But I can’t help but wonder if there is even a little truth somewhere in it.

And yes, the author does in a way say that you should follow the grimoire you are working from to a “T”. Although i don’t believe that at all, I can’t just dismiss everything else he says.

What will help me most at this point is seeing if anyone has had any “slingshot” like experiences. And so far people have said they haven’t had any such experiences and that the effect doesn’t exist. This makes me more optimistic and confident going into my first evocation. Thanx

I think it’s the same kind of idea as when people report that if you keep doing a spell for more than one lunar phase (either the waxing or waning fortnight) it reverses and actually blights the area of life you were hoping to advance.

I can’t say I’ve ever noticed that but I probably also never did a single spell that long, and I think MAYBE if he was going for full-on physical manifestation, and the spirit doesn’t form that manifestation but then the operator doesn’t banish either because they think it was a wash-out, the entity is forced into a kind of loop of trying to manifest in your life, and getting angry with you - kind of like when you can’t cancel a print job on your computer no matter what?

I mean that’s a silly example but it’s all I can think of - if you’re at all familiar with Star Trek, there are plenty of examples of the transporters going wrong and getting stuck in loops or in one case creating a copy of the person, which again I’m not saying real magick is exactly the same but the principle is similar.

Just theory but if that’s how he works, it could explain it. I don’t use that command paradigm so if an entity can’t manifest fully, or clarvoyantly-visibly at least, it wouldn’t be such an issue.

Oh and btw EA says that you shouldn’t worry if you perceive nothing the first few times, just make sure you act as though the spirit’s there, and then banish or give them license to depart, so that’s a different point of view (to some extent) from another practicing magician, fwiw.

Lisiewski’s possibly talking about something specific to how he evokes, and you can compare your planned methods with his, and maybe EA’s methods, and decide according to that. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.

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