Slightly confused, focusing on goals

Years ago a user who to my knowledge is not active anymore posted a ritual using his own sigil to essentially tear all aspects of a persons life down (House of Cards) I’m interested in this but in it it’s said there’s no reason to forget your reasoning for doing it. Essentially every other ritual I’ve come across it explicitly states to forget the reason and trust that it will be done. How exactly does this work? I understand that focusing on your goal so hard seems to tell the demons you have no faith in it, or that you’re placing all your energy on it but that doesn’t seem like a bad thing. I try very hard to forget but my goals pop into my head with no thought, and with the LoA it’s simply entirely focusing and submerging yourself in your end goal. These seem slightly contradictory, and I’m not quite sure how to go about focusing on my goal but not. Is there a way to merge the 2? Law of attraction and an evocation/ritual to have a demon work on your goal?

Law of Attraction is using your own subconscious mind to draw things to you. That is why you always keep your goals in mind; the subconscious is programmed through repetition.

When you do magick, you raise and send out energy. Dwelling on your goals constantly drains that energy from your spell.

Same thing when you task a spirit. If you constantly dwell on the goal, you are stuck in the “wanting” phase, which sends out contradictory signals to the spirit. That is why letting go is important.

Where magick and the Law of Attraction meet is when you focus on the feeling of having your result. Rather than dwelling on the goal, put all of your focus on the emotion of a successful result and dwell there.

When you dwell on the feeling of a successful result, rather than the result itself, you are essentially claiming it as done, and you are just waiting for the physical plane to catch up. And you can’t be emotionally attached to a goal that is already yours.


That makes sense, they’re 2 separate forms of doing things. I guess I just wanted some way to merge the 2. I don’t want to go back on any work or drain energy from it by thinking about it(Still trying to connect but have a feeling thinking about my goal isn’t helping anything) but I do enjoy thinking about it as if it’s done already, and sort of submerging myself in that feeling.

As I explained above, to merge the methods, after you do the magick, put your focus into feeling the success, NOT dwelling on the goal. Dwelling on the goal keeps you in the past, in the “wanting,” not in the “having.”

For example, if you cast a spell for money, use your imagination to focus on how you will feel once the money comes to you, and try to stay there as much as possible.

|f you cast a spell for a lover, put your focus on how having this person will make you feel, and dwell there.

If you cast a curse to take out an enemy, dwell in the relief you will feel when your enemy falls.

What this does is it prevents your subconscious from withdrawing energy from your spell or interfering with the work of the spirit, and instead, lets everything work in harmony.


I do try to focus on the feelings of my goal accomplished instead of the goal itself but it’s hard to get into just that mindset. My mind kind of wanders and it’s hard to stay focused. But knowing I can at least focus on the feelings of my goal already accomplished after the ritual is complete helps. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

We had this exact issue with a recent experiment with energy. We can vouch that worrying about it definitely drains the energy away over time. Thank you for such a clear explanation, this is immensely helpful.