Since I’m on this parallel dimensions kick, might as well talk about sliding.
In the interview with a magus with Robert Bruce, both EA and Robert said they have effectively slid into parallel dimensions. In fact, Robert insinuated that he went through such a dramatic slide that major events in his past were heavily altered, or didn’t even happen at all.
Has anybody here experienced this?
What is needed to slide?
What are the limits?
I know we’re basically sliding every moment, in a sense. So, in reality - we’re doing it all the time. It’s just a matter of willfully altering the slide to a more obscure or un-parallel dimension.
Thoughts on this?


DK you are going to make me add blue lotus flowers to my wine in a minute to calm my feverish nerves with this thread… It makes me wonder if in performing acts of Magick are we creating a new parallel world in that moment shaped by our intention or are we somehow pushing our consciousness into a parallel world already in existence matching out desired outcome?

I have to admit that up to now I have had a linear view of any Magick I have done as altering the existing timeline in line with my wishes but this idea implies the drawing towards oneself of a desired alternate reality…But what makes the me sitting here typing this any more real than all the other me’s out there doing other things… I need another wine…

I have no idea whats needed to slide but I suspect its linked to Astral travel where one is able to move beyond the linear time space continuum we are all generally trapped in…


This may be related, DK, I’m not sure;

Thinking over memories of events in my life and memories of times with people, they are different than they used to be. Like a shift has happened. I used to have a pretty good guage on my existing timeline, or so I thought, until I’d try to go back and remember certain things happening, but they would be either missing, make no sense or jumbled into different sequences and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what has happened as I was absolutely certain these events flowed in a sequential manner and was dumbfounded that the timeline I was currently remembering seemed wrong or did not make sense to what I previously believed to have occurred.

This is very difficult for me to explain competently but I assume it may have something to do with this slip you’re referring too. Neo, I think I might need some of those blue lotus flowers as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


My teacher apparently jumps to parralell dimensions alot, once he said he went to a world that didn’t have any friction, he had a hell of a time there. Apparently he also went somewhere, where he fought something that looked like a demon, he showed me some chips in the sword he used to do this. I have witnessed him alter dimensions a couple times but it was nothing that dramatic.

I do recall one incident that was a bit interesting though. Once I was driving along and passed this old guy who was just sort of puttering along the road with a bunch of junk in his car. About a mile later I passed the same guy still going as slow as ever. Maybe I went into a parralell dimension where he was further down the road.

Another odd thing is that up until the middle of my college I remember fire wire cables being used like S-video cables, but then suddenly they are used for something completely different. Maybe I come from a universe where fire wires are used like s-video.


Virdon, I’m not so sure about the memory thing… Advances in Neuro-psychiatry suggest that we dont recall past events like looking at a video tape which is static so much as we ‘re-mind’ ourselves of them. That is that we re create them and potentially alter them every time we think of them like an internal game of Chinese whispers. Some memories have more coherence so remain more faithful but others can be altered wildly…THen again it may be that as well as this happening there is also the possibilities of shifts in timelines happening too…

I am reading a novel at present about a Japanese girl set in the 1980s who slips into another timeline which is almost exactlly like her own but for subtle differences she is starting to pick up on…

I am a great fan of weird and inexplicable stories in this area…My favourites are the ones where someone sees or even visits a house then when they go back to find it again its not there like it never existed…I must go dig a couple out and post them…


I do not have to read about that…I experienced it first hand…while working on the road I stayed at a motel in Mich. out of Flint along the interstate on the way into Canada. Two years later I am working again in that area with a trainee who was driving their car and following me. So I pull off at the same exit looking for the motel and it was not there…There was no sign it ever was there or existed…Two years earlier, I had stayed there for 4 days as I had come down with a strange flu and so I just stayed there to get well. So, being familiar with the motel and accomadations I planned on staying there again…I could not find the damn place… the interstate is about 90 miles betwen Flint and Canada, and I drove up and down that interestate looking for the place…It was getting dark so I went to a different area and found a motel off the interstate in a town and stayed there…the next day I sent the trainee off working while I drove back and forth on that interstate looking for the motel…and I knew the exit and the number…the damn thing was not there…I asked people in gas stops on both sides what happened to the motel?..they never remembered seeing any…ever at that stop…but I stayed there four days… and this is nearly one of the strangest things I have witnessed in my life…although many more come close…

Uncle Fester