Slideshow Chaos Sigils

Hi all.

An idea came to mind this morning that I would like to share and ask opinions on.

The idea is to use a collection of photos of different chaos sigils played as a slideshow on your phone on a repeating loop while you casually gaze on.

With the premise that you are no longer consciously or obviously aware of what these intermittent images represent, multiple images passing by may sink in while you do some sessions at various times whenever you get some time to zone out just looking at your screen.

Yes I know the usual way they say to fire off a sigil is to sexually stimulate yourself and use the orgasmic state because why not, but not everyone would feel that to be appropriate if they happen to be sitting on a park bench or while taking a walk in nature or just chilling between doing daily stuff.
Also, doing it the most popular way means you only fire off one sigil per session.

This slideshow idea is an alternative to knocking one out for each sigil you design and if you have multiple requests and desires then that can total up to lots of knocking one out sessions. If, instead you take a photo of each of your designs and play them on a loop for as long as you feel then you could do this every day or whenever it suits.

Ok so the usual way is a one and done affair, a fire and forget thing and there is real power in sexuality but once you have done the one and done you are then waiting and maybe unsure of the result.

Whereas a repetitive image shown over time will sink in and like with layering a request with a demon or spirit you could layer different aspects of a bigger or complex request with multiple chaos sigils without exhausting yourself.

This may or may not be a slow cooker approach depending on the individual and the desire but it is a different idea than I’ve seen before that I think is worth trying and perhaps by holding the idea that these images represent your intentions while you gaze you will see your results come.

Any opinions?
Does anyone know of a suitable simple iPhone app without too many distractions that will allow a clean, clear slideshow to play continuously?

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Yes. This is not a new idea. The “technomage” subset of Chaos magicians have used sigils as screensavers, as well as used subliminal software that flashes sigils at certain intervals while cruising the internet (most people enter the same kind of Alpha trance while scrolling as they do when sitting in front of the ol’ idiot box).

I’m not sure what kind of apps are available for such use, but I would look into anything that is tagged as “subliminal,” that might be able to flash images.


Oh right on cue @DarkestKnight ! Thank you. ‘Subliminal software’ flashed past my thoughts earlier today just to say hi, and my dumb mind said yeah so what I’m thinking of something else right now.
It took your suggestion for me to nod back to it and think “Hmmm yeah, subliminals” lol :blush:

Yes I’ve got subliminal software on my laptop but it’s been cranky for a few months so I generally just use my phone now and come to think of it, the statements playing on there subliminally, back then, may not have all come through as clear cut results but looking back now, I can say my day to day attitudes to those statements were definitely more upbeat than have been lately so I can say that subliminal suggestions do take affect.

I guess my thinking with the slideshow idea is that it’s a purposeful activity of concentration and intent without seeing the obviousness of the written statement to argue against. Which of course is the concept of subliminal suggestions.

My thinking was that by actively engaging with the images while in alpha and actively gazing at the sigils instead of being oblivious to them could help enliven the intent.

I didn’t even think of looking for subliminal apps for my phone so thank you for that :blush: and I have noticed some slideshow apps have a timer on them that go down to 0.5 second intervals, same as the software on my old laptop.

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