How would one invoke Slenderman as a guard?. Would that be something to ask of lillith?

From what I’ve seen and read, he’s right there with Hannibal Lecter (TV version egregore) as beings you just don’t want to trey to deploy, because they’ll try to fuck with you as well.

JMO though and maybe someone here has more, I’m thinking maybe @anon68160656 ?


Surely he’s a puppet of Lilith mother of demons… Why else would he bring children to the woods other then for Lilith to feed on them like she was cursed to. I know he’s a sentient and server of Lilith. U can tell by their auras. And she showed me in a dream. I just wanna know his sigil or something.:slight_smile:

Actually, not far off.


Thank you… :)… Figured I was on lol
… an occultist once gave me a specific sigil for Slenderman. It wasn’t Liliths siglil. It was his own… If u have any ideas, lemme know :). Thank you

Slenderman is a movie now.

I was on a monster forum a decade ago when slenderman was thought up, won the contest. Pretty powerful egregore at this point.

Can’t imagine he’s talkative though lol