Sleeping with sigil under the pillow

Hey guys and girls!
So I am new to magic, I have done some things with sigils and I can see the future in my dreams, but I don’t see it when I want, it’s just when it comes.
I had the idea to put under my pillow the sigil of Azazel I had and I had a strange dream that was making me desperate and then I felt a really big energy but it wasn’t a good energy, it felt like it was going to attack me in some way or trying to take something from me. The next day I tried Lucifer’s sigil, I gazed at it, something I didn’t do with Azazel’s sigil, then I asked for him to show me some things in my dreams and asked for some things of ascendence and so I meditated a little just like I did with Azazel’s sigil the previous day and I felt again a big big big sensation in my forehead, it was really powerful, not in the way of making me see spirits but in the way of making me dizzy and kinda feel my spirit coming out of my body and like if someone was making a lot of pressure in my forehead. So then I went to sleep and had some dreams, I saw a game and it was like the most played game and I think that he was saying that I was going to make that game, or maybe not, but then I was with a boy I know and I was telling him the future, more like, giving him some choices and I think that he started crying or something and then I was in my home, in the kitchen, everything was dark and the only light I had was the light from my TV, then my cousin comes, and she sometimes in real life get’s possessed my entities, but in my dream she went in to the kitchen where I was and she was very nervous and I try to talk to her and she say’s that He is coming and I ask Who was coming and I feel all over the place a big energy, even more powerful than the one in the day before and she started getting possessed by it and I don’t know anything about exorcism but I started grabbing her and saying “Leave her, leave this place” and puting my thumb in her forehead and it just wasn’t working and then I woke up with this feeling around me, a very powerful feeling, but again, a negative feeling.
So I am thinking about trying again tonight and maybe defeat this negative energy or see what happens.
I don’t know if someone can help me trying to figure out what is happening during this dreams and what is this energy maybe.
Thanks in advance


Please make your next post an introduction as instructed.

Yes, I’m working on that

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One cleansing ritual that I do that’s easy enough, is I enter a room a visualize a light coming from me and filling the room, and the light getting increasingly brighter, with the intention of purification.

The Archangel Raphael showed that to me.


The visions with the (video?) game playing typically suggest some sort of escape from reality, or day to day tasks. If you are totally absorbed in the game and ignoring others playing the game, it reflects that others may feel neglected since you are into something else not shared. Depending on the type of game being played in the dream, the purpose of playing, as well as the people whom you are playing with.

You grabbing your cousin in the dark kitchen and sensing evil and she is possessed and you shaking her and shouting leave her might be symbolizing that you’re feeling afraid or losing control, or of making bad decisions, or of not being able to be responsible for a situation.

Or something negative may be trying to claim them in real life. Or this cousin is trying to hurt you in the dream is suggesting that you may be feeling threatened emotionally with what they are going through in life.

When waking you feel paranoid, with this type of dream is fairly common. When you begin to understand the dreams meaning and face the emotional fears from your visions they will subside.


For some people like me (and seems like jehannum too) they feel tired and exhausted (like a bad recovery) after sleeping with a demonic sigil under the pillow. I never knew why, the strangest part for me is that I don’t have this issue when I’m sleeping with an angelic and deities sigil (I’m not claiming anything lol), maybe it’s a matter of orientation and energies you are related too.


Thank you, that seems to be a good idea! :wink:

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Thank you a lot friend! The video game was about a open world, teams of 2 and I was playing alone, I had to kill every other players in those teams, and it was like lego but I never played anything of lego LOL, I hope you can tell me something more about this.


Maybe. I will try to use an angelic sigil, can you recommend any? But I will search a lot about that. Thank you mate! :wink:

The vision with you as a First Person Shooter with a game like CounterStrike, Halo…, it represents your desire to unleash your anger towards others. You are transferring some of your frustration to take it out on other people.

To repetitively kill in the game, suggest the daily grind of life. When you cooperate with another to take down an opponent inside the video game, suggest that you need to work with others to tackle challenging and complicated tasks.


Really nice to now. Thank you a lot! :wink:

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I’d recommend the angel Michael for defense against negative energy and spirits. He’s done good things for me in the past as far as protection for myself and my loved ones.


Thank you! I will give it a try! :wink: