Sleeping with a sigil

So yesterday, first time ever trying anything, I decided to gaze and meditate on Lucifer’s sigil. Few minutes of gazing on the sigil and chanting the enn, tunnel vision kicks in, along with the sigil flashing and parts of it dissapearing off the paper. Before I went to bed, I got the feeling that I should go to sleep with it under my pillow. SoI place it there, lay down, and start chanting in my head Lucifer’s enn with my eyes closed.

I could start to feel my forehead start tingling, and shapes and formations forming in my vision. I could literally feel the energy from the sigil basically going through my head. A few minutes into that, I feel a drop of water fall on my cheek. Reach over to feel it, and the area is completely dry. I was burning up from the heat and energy that was coming off of sigil, but I was not sweating at all. Not even 10 seconds after that, I felt that strongest vibrations and overall euphoric feeling I’ve ever felt whenever I meditated or in the past tried to. It was almost like whatever fluid or liquid dropped on my face, set everything off 10x.Tingles, heat, and energy courses through my body. I could see the effects of it in the darkness with my eyes closed, but something told me to open them up. I was still able to see all of it, energy and colors phasing in and out, but with my eyes wide open. I’ve never experienced anything like that before, every time I did my eyes were closed and if I opened them the experience would end. At one point, I saw like the upper torso of someone in the middle of all the swirls and shapes I was seeing. Same exact thing I saw on the background of the sigil when I was charging it earlier. So I asked in my head, “Lucifer, are you here?” and I heard a Yes in my head, or I thought I did. So I start talking, saying how I want to ascend into whatever it is that I am meant to be. The thing is I’m trying to convey all of this, but the vibrations and everything else is so strong, I can’t get my words or train of thought together to actually say exactly what I want haha. I hear a “It’s done” in my head, but I personally think that was me saying that, and not him. After that, it all starts to end.

Tried to make it happen again, but I just couldn’t get back into it, like I was drained but I would feel it faintly throughout the night. At one point, I felt almost like something directly on my cheek again, like air shaped into a hand or some type of presence there. I had felt it before in the same exact spot, couple minutes after first gazing on the sigil earlier. Like a cool breeze that would alternate from my cheek to sometimes directly in front of my face. That didn’t feel like Lucifer at all, but it felt female, and it was comforting. The only thing I’m confused about is that drop of water. I thought that succubus were the only ones who did something like to mark their significant others? I’ve had dreams and thoughts of what you could possibly say is a succubus that’s connected to me, but it happened at the same time as my possible experience with Lucifer. So the whole idea of “tears” or fluid randomly falling on your face, was I “marked” by one of the two or was it just a coincidence?

Regardless, it was awesome for a first time experience like that.


Awesome job! I think you made contact with Lucifer.

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Yep, you made contact. I’ve read different accounts of Lucifer marking his initiates, so the water or fluid on your cheek would make sense. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t quite reach that same feeling again - I believe that’s his way of letting you know he accepts you.


Yeah, I’m going to try and go deeper the next time I meditate on the sigil so I can eventually get a much stronger connection and an even deeper experience next time. Practice, practice, practice.