Can someone tell me if this symptom of any sort problem

I would sleep all night wake up at 3-4am stay up for hour my head gets heavy , my body would feel extremely drained exhausted then fall asleep again even tho i already had enough sleep

It’s been going on for week
I usually sleep 6-8 hours now it’s 12-15 hours and more at time.:confused:

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Actually, get this way if I sleep too long. The biggest thing is to not allow yourself to go back to sleep after you wake naturally. Get up and do stuff instead. It sucks for a while as your body starts to learn that you are mastering its function, but it gets better. Also, avoid caffeine (not sure what you have in S.A.) and try some exercise plus breath work before you go to bed.


I experience the same thing. Except I wake up around 2am-3am. It’s exhausting :cry:

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Advice: Ditch the Late Night Munchies. lol

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Lmao I don’t eat late night snacks.

Sleep apnea? Seriously. Get a sleep study done.

Glad I did.

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