Sleep paralysis root chakra

So for about a year now I’ve been waking in sleep paralysis About 2 times a week and my root chakra is like burning and feels like a energetic burn, it’s not a incubus idk what it is I never see entitys around so I can rule that out.
Any one got any input of what could be going on here and how to fix it because it’s rather annoying


Dont know to fix the chakra, but to loosen the paralysis; you can try to wiggle your thumb, dont fight the paralysis. Or you can make a “lemon-face” if that makes sense lol.
It helped me, but we all are different in a sence, but hey, give it a try.

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Do you feel drained after you wake up?

You can also discontinue sleepparalysis often with changing your breathing pattern, since that is on the border of voluntary and involutary action.

I however have no input on the burning sensation

I mean I usually don’t let it go on for long buy do u think it’s psychic vampirism ?

Could be an astral parasite or something with ur Kundalini probably awakening but doesn’t explain the sleep paralysis.