Sleep Paralysis? Confused

I woke up the first time this morning, very groggy (as usual) and went back asleep. The second time I “woke” up, my room looked the same but slightly different…the left top corner of my bedroom wall had…like idk green “goo” or something hanging on the ceiling wall that was also wavy (movement) or something…I also noticed my room colors were brighter. Besides that everything else was the same. Still I thought to myself “am I on something?”

Even though I knew I wasn’t/couldn’t be, but the mass of “goo” or whatever it was weirded me out. That’s about when I realized I couldn’t move (I was lying down from my bed when I “woke” up). Since I had read all those “scary” stories I immediately closed my eyes, and kept them closed. I figured I was either dreaming and/or in sleep paralysis… even though I personally never cared for all that “spirit guide” stuff (I tend to believe in my own personal power) I immediately (in my head) asked for a spirit guide. I then seconds later felt something on my bed with me and heard “BREATHE BREATHE…BREATHE…” felt like I COULDN’T breathe and was gasping for air then ( could breathe just fine before) and boom “woke up”/could move again…

The voice/whoever was on my bed freaked me out. It was a low voice, and didn’t sound friendly…but was telling me to breathe. I’m not sure if me struggling to breathe after that had to do with the “being” or me freaking out that something was on my bed and hyperventilating.

My only regrets was if this was sleep paralysis…I probably could have astral projected…

Stuff like this has been happening more often with me. This is the first time things looked weird to me though. And I physically HEARD a voice. The other times it’s just not being able to move, And something attacking/trying to siphon energy off me…but never seen Goo…plus the room looked like mine but different…I seriously thought I was on something but knew I wasn’t.

I do know I’ve been trying to contact/work with Lilith for the past few days but I don’t think that would be the reason for this (since I’ve heard some spirits/entities can cause sleep paralysis?) Stuff like this used to never happen besides the last few months of the small “episodes” and now this “big” episode.

Next time if something like this happens, how do I either:
A) Get myself to move
B) Astral Project


It could be a false wake up, or similar… I don’t know the exact words in english, but we (from Italy) literally call it false wake up.
It’s like you wake up, do what you usually do and then wake up again.
It’s “normal” to hear voices, or feel presences… it happened to me a lot of times, from being laughed (this week) to being touched or pulled out from my body.
Seems like astral citizen keep an eye on us and try to be funny, maybe? I don’t know, but if you can manage fear, and I know it is not simple, it will be awesome.
I’ve been in a “fear mode” for months before controlling it, and when it happened, I couldn’t go out of my body anymore nor the vibration were strong enough.
I don’t know how they’re related but in some way they look to be so far… maybe I wasn’t afraid because I wasn’t in the astral realm completely, where emotions raise very fast and so my fear didn’t.

I can only tell you, try and try and try… I usually “skry” with my eyelid and when I know it’s time (blackness changes, it’s like when you put amoled mode when dark mode is on… that black, is not the same black as before and some astral traveller did notice this) I put myself in till my ear explode to vibrations and my body yells at me to pull my astral body out.

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