Sleep Paralysis and Pregnancy Loss

Hello, Mage Fam. Recently I found out I was pregnant. I’m a little older, so I was scared and excited at the same time. Soon after I found out, I had my very first sleep paralysis episode (that I can recall).

I was lying on my side, toward my boyfriend’s back. The only things I could move was my eyes and one finger. As I scanned the room I saw a shadow figure in the door. He was all black. I couldn’t see through him, but could see the kitchen light behind him. It looked like he had black tinticles or dreadlocks coming off his head. These tinticles stretched over my bed. I was freaked out. When I came out of this scary state he was gone.

A couple days after this incident I took another pregnancy test. The test was negative. Now I’m on my period. Did this spirit and my sleep paralysis episode cause me to lose my baby? Any ideas would be grateful. Thank you all.

I do use protection, usually, when I sleep. I spiritually bathe often. I’ve spiritually cleared the house about 6 months ago, give or take.

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It’s more likely your first pregnancy test simply gave you a false positive.

Was the first test done through a doctor or an at home kit?

If it was a kit, it is always recommended to confirm with a doctor if you get a positive because false results are known to happen.


@DarkestKnight, I had taken 4 at home tests prior. All 4 were of different brands and types. They all were positive results. I was gonna take one more test before making a doctor’s appointment. That’s when my sleep paralysis happened. I took 2 tests after, and they both were negative.

Losing a pregnancy happens more often than we think. Especially in the early stages it happens alot. Sometimes even without any symptoms, many women don’t even notice they were pregnant in that short amount of time.
I’m sorry for your loss.


Sleep paralysis is simply your mind coming out of R.E.M state but your body has not quite yet regained it’s mobility. It’s highly unlikely and unheard of that it can end a pregnancy. As for the spirit, during sleep paralysis any kind of ‘spirit’ you see is mostly your mind in it’s current state during the paralysis blending your dream state and waking state since you’re in the cusp of both.