Sleep issues after using Damon Brand's spirits

Has anyone experienced sleeping disorders or issues after working with Nitika, or after performing other rituals from Damon’s books?
I’ve recently completed a 11 day “magickal cashbook” ritual (the one with Nitika), and received the exact amount I’ve asked for, but since I started trying out his ritual, I could not sleep well or even at all anymore, even tho using pills for that, and I’ve also read on a related thread that soemone experienced the same issue after doing the “seduction” one for a few days.

Its pretty common actually.

Cool… is it going to be over soon or? It’s a life curse

Nah it will go away eventually. Try to ground as much as you can, that will make it go faster

Interesting. I’ve worked with a lot of Brand’s books, and have never experienced any sleep disturbances from them. I wonder why some people do. :thinking:

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I used to have this problem on many of GOM books but I think it was because I was really new back then. I always thought it off as me being new to so much energy. Nowadays I don’t have this issue pretty much.

Yeah, I was thinking it is probably related to sensitivity. I…am not the sensitive type lol

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Yeah I’ve never had sleep issues with his work. Actually, I used the cashbook some time ago and didn’t have any sleep disorders

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