Sleep deprivation and astral sight

so this might seem obvious but maybe not so much. I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the subject of sleep deprivation allowing a person to see into the astral realm seeing spirits and such.

it seems like everytime i don’t sleep for over 24hrs I see things. I don’t know if its hallucinations from lack of sleep (which I previously thought it was) or possibly seeing Into the astral.

I could not find any info about this online. now it may just very well be hallucinations but it may also not be so I am curious.


Well i think it would be possible. It sort of makes you see things like that and i think it might work… Always could try it.

I may have worded th3 post wrong but its not that i want to try it. I have already had time of sleep deprivation and seeing things. so the question was am i just hallucinating or is there more to it. like am i actually seeing Into the astral plane frok lack of sleep

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Well i think you might just be hallucinating partly. But if you tried to focus more intently on seeing into the astral then maybe it would conect you enough to see i to the astral more.

This is my personal opinion.

ya that’s what I always thought and was lead to believe but im wondering if there’s something more to it

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Well i think you could use this to your advantage… Try to manipulate what you are seeing to go beyond the physical realm and go into the astral realm.

But i don’t know for sure beyond any reasonable doubt with what is actually going on with sleep deprivation to the point of hallucinating.

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I used to have regular episodes of sleep deprivation of up to 60 hours at a time. When I used to have these episodes, I was able to see, with my physical eyes faint outlines of non-physical beings around me, and I was at times able to see into the astral plane closest to physical reality to some extent.

There will be some hallucinating happening. But at the same time, your inner senses are more activated.

I recommend reading Astral Dynamics (by Robert Bruce) which may help you understand this better.

Taken from his book:

A sleep deficit will tend to stimulate the higher centers.

Bruce, Robert. Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experience (Kindle Location 1735). Magic Light Press. Kindle Edition.


Sleep deprivation is a time honoured traditional method of getting into an altered state. However, the altered state usually requires at least 72 hours without sleep. Anything less than that doesn’t produce it because it takes time to overload the brain’s perceptual filters.

Now, the difference between “astral” sight, and hallucinations is tougher, because, as far as science is concerned, everything you see while in an altered state is an hallucination created only by your mind. There is no way to tell the difference to an outside observer.

The only thing I can think of to help decide for yourself, is to experiment with other techniques for getting into altered states and compare them. If you meditate down to theta and see similar things, then you could be seeing into the astral. if you don’t, then it could be just shadows created by your mind.


I had this happen with sleep deprivation from last night into today–it wasn’t intentional because I enjoy sleep it was an emergency where I was awake most of the night and had to be up early today and am still going. Long story short, I more readily channel spirits/guides when I’m sleep deprived and I did today in a meeting at work. :slight_smile: It worked out in my favor and now that I’ve shown a side that’s never been seen before there, I was finally getting proper respect for what I contribute. It was amazing speaking and being animated but feeling this ‘male’ spirit working through me.
So yes, when the body is deprived of sleep astral sight will come and the spirits you work with will easily come through.