Sleep/demon workings

So when o went to my bedroom last night (where i do my demon/goetia work) as i walked in i could feel someone waiting for me, i actually said “oh, uh hello!” …

I couldn’t work out who it was - aside from a familiarity (ie i knew it was some one who had permission to be there, tho i did a minor banishment just to be sure -used to have some nasty parasites in the house attached to my mum) …

I tried to find out what (he) wanted of me, but I’m not that great at incoming yet… so in the end said he would have to follow me in to my dreams to talk. I could practically see him sat on the bed watching - i guess waiting.

Couldn’t remember my dreams in the end - i know i had a few… but today I’ve been super productive & able to cope with stuff that often would set me back… still not sure who it was - did not feel like Azazel, Belial, King Paimon, (or loki) so guessing at Lucifer (but purely a guess!)

Thumbs up anyway :joy:


It’s always weird when I can’t remember my dreams or when they were só strange that I can’t even find words to describe them when writing in my dream journal.