Sleep, and body possession

I had a thought in my mind. Generally, if you’re looking to enter body possession with a spirit, being in a trance state (theta, etc), would greatly help, at least from what I’ve read.

I am not good at getting into this state at all. I can’t let go easily enough with meditation, at least not yet. I thought about another way and was looking for opinions. So, when you’re falling asleep, the brain goes into different states. One that is basically the step before sleep is the hypnagogic state (theta).

Thinking of this then, would it be feasible to ask a spirit (one that you trust of course) to attempt to possess you during this state, and have a higher chance of success? Since the mind is basically calmed down enough at that point, it seems like the perfect opportunity, but really I just wanted others opinions on this matter!

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Hypnogogic states are far less immersive than lucid dreaming, but far easier to remember and control what you want to do or who to talk to.

With that, you’re still in some variant of sleep and unless someone is a sleepwalker or sleep talker or something, I’m not sure what someone could get out of body possession in this state.

If you’re curious about a lot of bizarre things that can happen during stages of sleep there’s a great book called “Nightmareland” by Lex Nover. It’s not a magick book per se, but the author strikes a nice balance between both paranormal and science, letting the reader decide what they want to believe instead of preaching to them what they should. There’s a lot of concepts which he talks about which could possibly give inspiration to the ways you can play around with sleep stages and spirits.

Like there’s one guy he talks about, Dion McGregor, who was famous for sleep talking. I have to wonder what it would be like if someone with a similar ability were to be possessed and also have recordings done.