Slave to Sin/God Hates the Christian Church

Aren’t Christians only slaves to sin, because they made it that way? Wouldn’t God want us to be free? Does the real God hate the Christian Church?

Christians are manipulated, because they are programmed to be afraid of sinning. Constantly, they worry about offending God. This in itself would offend a real God.

One of the strongest tools that the Christian church has on its slaves is fear. This causes one to be fearful to even use their own imagination/mind/soul.

The Canaanite God Yahweh doesn’t care about man made religions. The religion formed around a God doesn’t mean the God holds the views sculpted by the religion.


We can use his power against the church.

Depends on which individual church follows the actual Yahweh and not the Egregore.

What churches follow the actual Yahweh? Do nondenominational churches follow him?

I know Catholic churches don’t. To an extent Catholic churches do. Typically, all followers of the Christian faith follow false beliefs created by man. Since this is the case, how would you consider any church to follow Yahweh, unless it isn’t a religious church?

Well the Canaanite Yahweh was originally polytheist until the Israelites made him monotheistic but i theorize it was still him during that time. Over the years as faiths branched off from Judaism the more egregoric the faith became.