Slave of Moloque

A few years ago a Luciferian priest I proposed a pact with Lucifer which I accepted immediately after the covenant that occurred in 2011, my life was turned upside down, I lost everything, wife, children, money, car, home, business. … and today, live a lot of needs, an acquaintance said that this priest deceived me and pactou as a slave of Moloch, which made me angry, because I called Moloch a ritual done for me, it appeared, I ordered that it would release me to be his slave, by the method of the pact it has addiction is not available, but it does not tell me anything, and disappeared. I want to help in a ritual to get out of the slave condition because I was mistaken. Can someone help me? step much need in life, beg for mercy!
Fr. Iuppiter 0º=0º

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Moloch dont Take Slave, I think you need to Deprogram yourself from Religious Indocrination concerning the Nature Of Moloch

Moloch is an Underworld God of Divination and Power, He represent Achieving your Most Deepest Desire often Subconscious Desire and Will Help you Free Yourself From Block in your Subconscious,

This is of Course my Own UPG, but A things i’m sure many will agree with me is that Spirit , Like Moloch, Lucifer, Paimon etc… Didn’t want Slave even less Human Slave, If they Need Servitor i’m pretty sure they will Get a Spirit one. and Even there there is a Difference Between a Subordinate and a Slave.

Your Life Turned Upside down… Since you doesn’t give to much Detail about it, I will ask if you have ever tried to do Anythings to Fix that, Taking one problem at a time, Not just with Magick, I Think that if a situation can be Fixed without Magick, Fix it using Normal standard mean.

Even more, I think that blaming Spirit for our Life and Failure is just an Excuse we Give to ourself to not Act.
Your the Master of your Life, there is no Spirit , God, Etc… That is the Master of your Destiny, you are.

If you tried to Fix the Situation and it didn’t Work, Try Again, You will Succeded one Day if you try enough hard.

Meditate with great care and attention in what you wrote, I’m really grateful you have written it. I will do something to deprogram myself mentally and try to get out of this bad luck, I will review my life and start over. gratitude!

Its a Pleasure!

Take Care!

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