Slaughtering animals and magick

I live in a very rural area. Many people raise, slaughter, and eat their own animals. Two weeks ago, a friend arranged for me to be able to attend a tutorial at another guy’s house regarding how to slaughter a goat. The man who owned the goat had never slaughtered one before, so my friend was there to give the hands on instruction. While gutting the goat, the guy asked my friend for the heart. He then went away and proceeded to eat the heart raw. He said he did this because it was his first kill. I know the guy to some degree, but not well enough to probe him regarding what he was intending to accomplish by doing that. He has friends that are into the occult, but I am not sure that he is. Has anybody heard of anything like this? Maybe it was just a “macho” act to show that he had conquered something?

There is alot of “Acting” in the occult community…an example is comparing people who speakin tongues whether it is a christian or a medium will faoe certain things in order to “induce” a Trance State which is key in spiritual work…whether you are generating energy or doing co-possession with a spirit.

When doing sacrifices or Blood Magick, remember the act itself is Symbolic to generate a charge if energy within the self. One could get the same results with say a Bloody Lamb Chop as one would get from sacrificing something if one was a good enough actor to “induce” a specific Trance to generate energy.

This is the real shit.

EA could handle it and I’m sure some other members of this forum could, but I’m also sure many here aren’t heavy enough to.

[quote=“Iam Incide, post:3, topic:7155”]This is the real shit.

EA could handle it and I’m sure some other members of this forum could, but I’m also sure many here aren’t heavy enough to.[/quote]

That was something, Go for the blood bath :wink: stay for the BBQ chicken and lamb chops LOL! I would totally go that would be a good time. I don’t think the people here are have a weight problem. I mean, it’s only goats and chickens, However salmonella is not a kind of fish taco either, then there’s avian flu. I’m not too worried about the goat blood but I’m sure it’s not parasite free guaranteed. I used to work in a slaughter house in my younger years, I wonder what kind of effect it would have had if I considered each one an animal sacrifice to some force, I mean think about it, hundreds of animal sacrifices every day. I wonder if the owners of some of these slaughterhouses thinks this and tries to tap into that mass sacrifice energy.

Not the best quality of sacrificial energy. Alot of unclean Crude elements.

But they say right there on the package, grade A quality beef LOL!
I will say this though, the levels of anxiety, stress, and fear that those cows live under on a day to day basis is appalling.

I say, if animal sacrifice makes you squeamish then you better not be anything but a vegetarian! Because the food you buy suffers to a degree you cant even imagine. Then everyone consumes that suffering and they all wonder why they are not happy in life and need medications.

They can’t help but get into arguments with each other at fast food restaurants and Wall Marts. The chemicals that cause emotional reactions to effect the body for Fight/Flight (stress) etc. flood the tissues of these animals they they are killed while the chemicals are still in the meat! Then people eat it.

British foxhunting has the tradition of “blooding”:

“Social rituals are important to hunts, although many have fallen into disuse. One of the most notable was the act of blooding. This is a very old ceremony in which the master or huntsman would smear the blood of the fox or coyote onto the cheeks or forehead of a newly initiated hunt follower, often a young child.”

I went to school with a girl whose family were involved in this scene and she used to talk about it sometimes, it seems to be a very primal initiatory act and she valued that experience very highly. So, I think it’s just a “thing” people do, in whatever form is meaningful to them.

@AdamThoth, in the UK at least we have major retailers with high animal welfare standards, and that includes up to the slaughterhouse - when I decided to start eating meat again, I actually researched this and hunted down videos because I didn’t want to be taking part in something I was too squeamish to see actually happen.

But I’ve heard that the large commercial intensive farms in the US are absolute hellholes, for cows and also pigs, and that the slaughterers frequently botch the kill. I think that’s a disgusting violation of the basic contract we have with our domesticated food animals, and agree that the energy of this kind of flesh isn’t desirable.

Other than those, an animal given a good life with high welfare standards and a humane death will have a far nicer time (and also less unpleasant death) than most wild animals, so I don’t see the harm in it myself.

Compassion In World Farming do some brilliant work in this area, and they’re not moralistically opposed to eating meat, unlike PETA - they focus on the welfare angle and of course that also means healthier food, with less anti-biotics and so on.

I’m not opposed to animal sacrifice per se, I am opposed to torturing the animals first because I think that’s just damned sloppy magick, and also the petty sadism of the poor and uneducated, who can’t raise energy by cleaner means - societies that go in for that never seem to prosper for long.

There’s a south American healing method whereby you skin a live guinea pig and roll its screaming body all over the patient, to “suck out” the illness into the damaged animal - this is just fucked up, because there are far more effective methods of healing that don’t involve any suffering, and the high mortality rates among the poor show it’s not even that effective.

Also, it doesn’t actually “heal” anything, it’s just an attempt to displace the spirit of the illness. That kind of ignorance isn’t magick, it’s just plain old human stupidity and the desire to see some living being lower down the status ladder than you are, get it in the neck.

In my experience, when it comes to fresh kills, the being (person, animal, plant, etc.) loses its personal power like steam in the minutes after death. Some of that is contained in its body. If you can sense energy, you can probably sense power, and if you can sense power, when something dies in front of you, try to “feel out” where its power is stored.

For people its usually the heart or the gut. Animals vary greatly (dogs keep it in their paws) and so do plants.

So yeah, if you eat someone who’s stronger, technically speaking that power will become yours. Its deeper than vampirism.