Skype with -TWF-

Since not even divination can help me figure out how to make a poll thread so I’ll just ask.

How many would like the ability to have readings performed on Skype? If I decide to go through with this idea I’d like to have a set up where one can see both my ugly mug and see the cards as they’re laid out. The benefit of this is that any questions or concerns one has about their reading can be handled instantly.

My fees will be something in the ballpark of:
$20 for 30 minutes
$50 for one hour

One may receive as many readings as they can fit into their time frame. All times will be scheduled in EST as I’m on the east coast.

So if you guys would be interested or can think of any suggestions either like this comment or post any questions comments or concerns in regards to it.


Cool man…go for it!!!Pretty sure u’ll have a lot of customers!!

Thanks man, I’m still on the fence about it. I just thought it would be something cool to offer and let people get instant feedback.

This is an awesome idea bro! When I get my laptop fixed I"m totally down!