Skype & TWF

I just wanted to say, that this was the first time i have been participating in a live reading session. And even if i of course cannot know for 100% every question i asked was answered 100% accurate (and who does anyways?), that “doesn’t matter” in a way that this was very nice and entertaining - and thought providing anyways.

I do suggest anyone who wants a tarot reading, to book a live Skype reading with TWF - i do believe he’s skills can provide you good insights in your life, + he is a nice person to do this with.

The interesting thing is that this was the first tarot reading, that told me i was NOT cursed/haunted.

Anyways fun and useful!

Honesty is the mark of a good reader and someone who takes their craft seriously.


Btw, something i didn’t myself remember to do: Take notes when you are doing the Skype reading! Otherwise you could forget some of it.

There are free utilities to record Skype sessions. I have used Free Video Call Recorder for Skype a few times. It had issues with the video when I tried it a while back but there’s an option for audio recording only which worked fine. I’m sure there are other free ones out there to try.

Remember to ask permission first if recording. Not only is it the proper thing to do but it’s also illegal to record audio discussions without permission in many states.

If anyone wishes to record their sessions with me they are free to do so. I’m currently in the process of incorporating two cameras into the mix. I have to switch between the two as Skype doesn’t support multiple cameras but this allows face to face when asking questions or looking for clarification while the other camera allows one to see my hands/cards during the reading. I’m playing with different setups to give the best view to client.

For what it’s worth, it’s only illegal if neither party agrees to do the recording. If at least one party is aware and complicit in the recording, no harm, no foul.

That being said, it’s always the courteous thing to do to ask permission before recording someone. :slight_smile:


He is a truly gifted reader & ritualist. BOOK HIM NOW!!!