i found a cat skull in the jungle near my house. should i take it for my altar or would this be disrespectfull to the cat?. I really love cats and i wouldn’t want to offend/disturb them…


Do what your intuition tells you. It could be a very powerful tool later so just calm yourself and follow your gut.


That ^
But it sounds like a gift. You could make a ceremony to thank the spirit of the cat and enlist the overall spirit of cats it as a helping spirit.

Whether you end up takin the skull or not, you have been touched by the energy of cats. Maybe honor the cat by looking up cat symbolism, as they are very spiritual animals. You may also find yourself led to information you needed this way.



Happened to me before! Dude be sure to clean the skull properly. Lots of dangerous bacteria could be on it.

You can connect with the energy of a cat by medidating on the skull.

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thanks for your help. i really appreciate it