Skull & Bones
Are Skull & Bones necromantic society?

What is your opinion?

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Are Skull & Bones necromantic society?

What is your opinion?[/quote]

Good question…though I think we need to back up as far as the term ‘necromantic society’ or practice because there are several religions and/or occult groups that are ‘necromantic’ that don’t believe or identify themselves within the necromantic current.
For example, take Christianity (specifically the Catholic faith) with all the ‘worship’ or calling up saints and such (some of whom are in fact dead people, dead prophets, virgin mary, jesus, etc) for intersession into their lives and the physical world around them, technically, this is a form of necromantic practice.

 But back to the question at hand, is the skull and bones a necromnatic society, they could be but I'd be hard pressed to say yes for certain.  It is possible they use the necromantic ideas or aspects to keep the normal people at a distance and those that they induct to their group are perhaps shown the 'real' facets of the society.  Ultimately, I'd say they are not.  Granted I'm not a member of that society so I can not say for sure though.

I cant recollect at the moment where i read it from, but apparently the Skull and bones they have in their “Tomb” is the remains from the Great Apache leader Geronimo. They apparently stole the remains from the apache tribe, and they do participate in “necromantic”-like rites.

Ive actually read that too.

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