Skin tone change?

Hello! This is my first time actually posting in this particular category, but I’ve been browsing for a long time! I came across a post from a while ago saying that it was extremely hard to change one’s skin tone/color. Does anyone have any more recent information on how to accomplish this? Whether it be a ritual, invocation, etc. it doesn’t matter- I enjoy trying different methods, so I’m happy to give anything a go!
Disclaimer- this is not a matter of self love or hatred. It is just a change I’d prefer to see in myself because it is how I picture my best self.


My skin did more brighter and smooth in just a night few days ago, I even made a thread about it . But it was not something i aimed for. But i dunno how you can achieve this conciously though.
Here’s the thread if you wanna take look at

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Thank you so much for your quick response and info! I will definitely give it a go!

no don’t, I was just hinting that its possible. but i dunno how exactly we cando it conciously. What works for me may not work for you at all.

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