Size of circle

I have a nice dedicated space for my practice. The floors are cement which would lend itself nicely to being painted.

So I’m thinking of painting the circles for Evocation. I have been drawing them with chalk, which works just fine. And I’ve been drawing them big enough to enclose the altar.

But I notice of the videos that EA is using a much smaller circle.

So, if the altar that I’m using is bigger than the size of the circle, is that okay? Or should the circle contain the altar in its entirety as well?

Before I do any painting, I figured this might be an important point. :slight_smile:

The altar I’m using is just a small wood table.

Well, I don’t use an altar in evocation, so it’s hard to say. If your altar overlaps over the circles, that really shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks EA. Due to a problem, I need to sit, but I could put the notebook and sigil on the floor. I’ve always put it on my little alter - and I also have my skrying mirror there too.

I will try it both ways.

I don’t see how you keep up with all these forums and all your other obligations. And I am grateful for your help.


Hi EA or anybody that can help me. I am trying to see what circle do I draw in the workbook, but I didnt find it anywhere. Can someone point out to me how is my circle supposed to look, I bought black cloth and red cloth paint, but just a bottle and I dont what to make the outlines of the circle to big, is it ok if I just trace the lines and not having to do a big filling in every line?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Also I bought this as my athame [url=][/url]

Is this ok since it doenst have the handle completely black?

Thank you!

HELLZ TO THA YEAH…who doesn’t like the

“Dark Assassin Dagger w/ Sheath”

From Amazon…that fuckin’ ROCKS!!! I’m sure that it will be completely Ok that the handle isn’t entirely black…just as long as your heart is…muahh…MUAHHHHHH…

OK, now for the serious stuff - regarding the circle do you have the Book of Azazel? If not, I believe the circle of pacts is given in the workbook yes? If you have watched EA give his talk at Dixie college, from what it looks like, his is completely done by hand. Now, in the course (and i forget which section…I’ve been both watching the sections I’m currently studying and the rest for absorption) I believe he shows you how to consecrate it with your blood.

The circle was mentioned around 5’ - 6’ depending on what is comfortable for you…it’s in the course!


The photo of the circle is taken from our own BALG website here!!!

Thanks a lot for your fast reply bro!

I will start making this circle. Thank you! :wink:

H8 please allow me to indulge my inner knife nerd. The dagger you posted will be fine as long as it is basically a prop for your ritual. If your actually going to be using it as in cutting and especially stabbing something higher quality and perhaps not a dagger style would be better as the point of the blade is prone to breaking especially with frenzied stabbing (like baneful magick). Another problem with budget model knives is often the blade is spot welded on and can break off the handle which can get you hurt as well. Throw in cheap steel that won’t hold an edge and your left with little more than a prop. Like I said if that’s all it will be used for then your good to go.


The Boker screams badass and is my ritual knife. Yes, its more expensive but they can handle whatever you throw at it.

As far as the circle I used some of the cheap Walmart sponge brushes and used the width of the brush to make the rings of my circle. This is just a generic circle I made but you get the idea. I used one bottle of the apple barn paint and it took several coats and I still had plenty left over of each color.

Boker knives are great and hold a good edge. A higher end Buck knife is good too.

Indeed. The Buck 119 is one of my favorite fixed blades. Classic and sexy like a muscle car.

Nice circle fool! What type of fabric did you use? I have been looking for a large sheet of canvas in my area but alas cannot find any.

Hey TWF,

Thank for you input bro. I think right now I will only do evocation, not baneful magick at the moment but thanks for the suggestion! I will put it in my wish list.

As far as your circle goes, its pretty badass! Now, this has been consuming for quite a while since my materials will arrive on Friday, but how do you do the circle? I mean, which guidelines or how did you manage to draw such a perfect circle, this has been boggling my mind for days now and I still can find the solution.

Thanks in advance!


Initially I went to Tarjhay (Target) and just bought a single flat black bed sheet. I believe it was a queen size. Anyways, the bedsheets are under $20…and the thread count (if that matters to you) was pretty high.

I didn’t want to buy something that was going to disintegrate. But yes Target or Wal-Mart my man.

H8, the link has a post where I detail how to make the circle and keep it pretty even.