Six months of lurking

…and I finally made an account. (I’m very shy!)

Call me Poppet (I collect voodoo dolls from New Orleans, but I’m about as white as it gets, so I’m using the equivalent British term to describe myself).

I’ve been practicing magick for almost half of my life. I’ve avoided working with demons until recently (long story short: my second year of practicing magick was a terrifying experience due to an ex-boyfriend who summoned something he couldn’t banish and was permanently possessed). Screw it, I want results and I’m tired of being a good girl all the damn time with nothing to show for it.

Nice to “meet” you all…


Welcome! :smiley:


Welcome, I hope you find all you are looking for here. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask, also remember the search function is your friend. There is a lot to find buried (I think I spelled that wrong) in here.


Welcome don’t step on the mome rathes



By that comment I’ll assume that you always have put yourself second to everyone else and it’s time to focus on you.

You can still work with demons and be good, you just get better at recognizing bullshit and cutting through the crap. :slight_smile: Be bad when you have to LOL