Six free card readings (CLOSED, in progress)

Since I am in quarantine and need to stay sharp in between fever fits and drinking myself to death on tea I am offering six free card readings.

The readings will take place in this thread, no PMs. No channelings of spirits. No guarantee that you will like what you see :upside_down_face:

I will get to your readings as soon as I can. Since I am infrequently drifting in and out of a comatose couch torpor it might take a while. If you received any readings from me the last couple of weeks please consider if your question has been answered already in one of those (the cards seldomly change their messages for similar questions :sweat_smile:).


I would like to know if the cards portend some kind of danger or problem or serious discussion that I may face in the coming weeks or if everything will remain relatively calm in my environment (both at home and at my place of study)

Would love one thanks a general is fine :blush:

How do I progress further in my ascent in magick and to reach my ultimate goal of reaching the end of all realities (which is myself)?

@Fer10 :heavy_check_mark:

five spots left

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@Silverleaf :heavy_check_mark: four spots left

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@Epsilon_The_Imperial :heavy_check_mark: three spots left


I would love a reading concerning my immediate financial future

Thanks in advance!

@Necros :heavy_check_mark: Two spots left

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Me please

In favor of what should I make a choice at the moment?

@Blanket_Owner @Niki :heavy_check_mark: All spots taken :slight_smile:

Here is my question, (and since you said you don’t consider spiritual aspect of the readings unless asked, i want you consider both)
What is something I need to know right now(maybe advice or not) that will help me become a successful person.
Thank you :slight_smile:

@A_Pariah I wanted the above reading as it would give me better insight and help me improve but I lost my debit card and it is very important for me to find it ASAP🙁
Could the cards help me find the debit card?
Thank you

Unlikely, it would be more successful if you would do the divination yourself in this case because you would probably relate better to the cards details and translating them into your environment. I would have to deal with a LOT of variables here and I don’t know your usual modus operandi, the last places you’ve been, when you have seen your debit card before you lost it, where you are usually keeping it, etc etc. I could draw cards but they do not describe “under the pillow on your great uncles old ass couch” or similar things. The closest thing I got as environmental cards have been “Despair” (probably you right now), “Pleasure seekers” (three people partying outside) and “Cheerfulness” (three people partying inside).

The common motifs: a group of people (three) and getting together (inside and outside)
Edit: the Kippercard “Theft” came out, as well. With a dude sneaking out of a room with a white bag in his hand. You better get that card blocked by your bank.

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Thank you so much, I actually locked my dorm room so didn’t think it would be stolen, I could file a complaint with the management but if they check every dorm room and don’t find it, I could get penalized for making false claim of stolen stuff.
Thanks tho

Didn’t say that it was your room, I said:

See what I mean when I said that you better do the divination on this one yourself? I would have to ask you an endless trail of questions for example “Have you been out lately?”, “Have you been with a group of friends lately?”, “Have you been with them at social hotspots where thieves are more likely to snatch stuff from other folks?”, “Have you left your card inside or close to an ATM because you forgot to put it back where it belongs and now someone else took off with it”?
I would to have go on and on with this in order to pinpoint the details whereas you KNOW where you’ve been and with what kind of people and where you’ve used/seen your card the last time. As I said, you better get that card blocked until you find it.

Thank you for your help, i blocked it all of it is true but i think someone stole it from my room. Anyway thanks again😊

My health took a spectacular leap out of the window the last couple of days. Should be fine now. Coming right back to the requests. :ok_hand:

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Fam, you have a ton of reversed Cups going on. Your existing relationships to other people might take some blows, especially at home (Kipper card 21, “Living room”, deals with matters close to your current residency.)
Three of Wands in reverse and the Journey card together with Bouquet and Cross are indicating that those arguments will lead to someone distancing themselves from you (or you from them), looks like it could develop into a no-contact situation in the long run (Snake and Mountain).

Falseness and Morgan Lefay (Deceit) together with Knight of Cups in reverse AND Three of Cups in reverse are pointing towards someone dishonest being the cause of this trouble.(either you are dishonest with someone about something or you’re about to discover a fundamental dishonesty in someone else); since Three of Cups in reverse came out together with the Knight of Cups in reverse it seems to be about a broken promise from a manipulating person (if you have manipulative traits on you: be prepared to be found out). Justice in reverse and Cross together with Tower tells me that this conflict will go on because the dishonest or manipulative party downright refuses to take accountability for their actions.

Six of Cups and King of Cups in reverse are indicating a quite “childish” approach towards this conflict, looks like some really immature back and forth (think about “No U!”) before things finally escalate. If you are on the receiving end of this conflict (= if you are not the dishonest person) the only advice is to not feed into this conflict any further. Tower and Snake are asking you to remain the disciplined adult in this constellation, do not push things or buttons or people out of windows.