When I listen to prince sitri’s enn I and try to connect with him my body starts to paralyze and it becomes hard to move. Has that happened to anyone else?

Interesting, do you experience similar effects while listening to enn’s of other demons?

No but I haven’t listened to the enn of another demon in years

Maybe something to think about, experimenting with enn’s of other demons to find out if these effects are only isolated to Sitri or not.

i listened to asmodeus’s enn and it did the same thing

Do you have experience in going into a trance or Astral Projection?

Otherwise, you could probably lay down flat, while listing to the enn and initiate a trance state, by using specific techniques. You mentioned feeling paralyzed, maybe it’s linked to sleep paralysis. I have read a bunch of times, that people that want to Ap, forcing themself into sleep paralysis to be able to separate. (there are also different approaches to Ap)

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I’ve never gone into a trance or astral projected but I’ve had sleep paralysis tbh

You could try box breathing (4-4-4-4 or 6-6-6–6) or the 4-7-8 <— (Youtube them both) breathing technique, these techniques are used by special forces such as the Navy Seals. Picture your self walking down a stair. Keep doig that for 9 minutes or so.
You will begn to feel sleepy and tired. Which means you are in a deep relaxed state (trance)

For in depth infomation about inducing trance and Astral Projection. Can be found in Astral Dynamics from Robert Bruce. On Z library you can borrow that book for free.

(Robert Bruce released his first edition of this book for free)


You think that if I do that while I’m paralyzed I’ll be able to connect to demons?

You are most likely already connected to the demons, where do you think those sensations originate from?

Yes, with trance you can deepen the connection. Matter of fact when you go deep enough. You could start seeing and hearing them. You could use a structuring method for that (while being in trance)

do you have a structuring method you could recommend?

I have seen atleast two (detailed) posts by members that knew what their were doing. One of which was @C.Kendall

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Can you dm me?

Yes, but I won’t because you will not learn how to do it your self.

I wanted to provide screenshots of two diffeent methods. But I see you discovered how to do it. Good for you!

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Sounds like you’re going into trance, also called TGS. That’s a good time to try out of body techniques and vision work, journeying etc.

Try this:

You’ll be able to DM when you’ve been on BALG a bit longer, keep posting and liking and generally not looking like a bot it opens up pretty quick. :slight_smile:

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Why is this so hard all I want to do is talk to a demon