Sitri sits in my stomach

So, it’s kind of a weird experience. Usually when I call a spirit, I feel pressure in my head, but a few nights ago, I called Sitri for the first time and I had this weird feeling in my chest (that’s not the weird part; sometimes I do feel heaviness in my chest as well) but then it shot down to my stomach, particularly my lower abdomen. And it stays there the entire time. I’ve only called him twice now, and the same thing happens. Does anyone else experience this?

Hm, maybe his energy is affecting or influencing your solar plexus/sacral chakra?
I haven’t experienced it that’s why I’m uncertain.
When does the heaviness stop?


It leaves when he does. So I don’t know. I’m still pretty new to summoning spirits, so this is different for me.

Maybe there is some kind of a connection from a past life. Or you can astral travel and didnt close the portal after doing energy work with Sitri

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Try to cut the cord through 3 quick very fast movements with your arms like

/ \ /

Right left right

Maybe it helps. And Do a statment like the portal is closed and you are free or something like that

I’ve only called him twice so far and it’s been like that each time.

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Why don’t you ask him?

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Well I kinda just wanted to know if this was normal for Sitri, like if anyone else experienced something similar. I’ve confirmed it’s him, he just sits there and we talk.


I love just sitting and talking to a close spirit, it’s actually a bit therapeutic for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, maybe someone has and will respond to you in this post soon. What do you feel when you feel that heaviness, like do you feel any negativity or even positivity? I’m just curious.

It’s just a warm feeling and it moves sometimes, but it sits there. I guess to describe it its almost like having a heating pad near your lower abdomen.

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