SITH philosophy

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I ran into a video on youtube a few weeks back talking about this stuff, and it’s literally RHP and LHP occult philosophy distilled, which is cool. Personally, I try to strike a balance between the two, however, like the “grey jedi.”

It’s kind of funny when you consider that there are a bunch of people out there who fantasize about being jedi/sith and who try to live their lives by these philosophies, but don’t realize that they can get the force powers too. That’s the fun bit!

Also, if you like the idea of training to use a sword, check out kendo, a lot of the choreographing for the films were inspired by the martial art. It’s not the most “realistic” out there, but you actually get to engage with full-contact fighting with robes and armor and respectful bowing and stuff, feels super bad-ass.


The Force Realism community have been taking the philosophical aspect to the next level for quite a while.

SITH ARCHIVE – A Resource for Sith Realists

Check that out if you like. There are a lot of conflicting views, but a few major core points. Total self-honesty, constant improvement, conflict and overcoming obstacles. The conflict side I heard best described as the friction between your soul and the world.

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they are a joke.

They dont do anything to stop the force from naturally “cleansing” itself from life,
via wars and such.

They just live for themselves…and cant even teach anyone properly,
because they would mostly produce just some cheap “sith”.

Watch this!

in the uk, jedi is a recognized religion XD

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I recommend the “book of sith” for the philosophy and artwork…
~and a little nerd-joy

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It is only weak when unconstrained and infighting is allowed to run rampant. That was the reason Darth Bane instituted the Rule of Two. To put an end to frivolous infighting. The apprentice learned from the Master, testing themselves against them until Apprentice overcame Master, and so became the Master. The Grey Jedi, or the Lost Jedi were testament to the fact that either side of the force, when not held in balance with the other was weaker than the whole together.

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Found myself tapping into things i used to chew through with my mind and soul.

BTW this is some dope ass music

the rule of two makes sense, what does not is that there is only one pair for the whole galaxy. Doomed to fail.

Sounds cool except Vader , palpatine , and all the other sith led the most thankless worst lives out of all the characters, even though Vader was the most badass. :rofl:

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If I were to be a part of the star wars universe, I’d be a grey Jedi.

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I feel like, without jack’s basics, all of this philosophy will be just that: masturbatory mental exercises.

Dude the Sith ROCK!

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