Site With Simple "Celtic Cross" Position Meanings For All Cards

I found a neat site that gives the meanings of each individual card in each position of a standard Celtic Cross spread - when I looked back at old readings I had done where the outcome is known, I found them very accurate:





Major Arcana (Trumps)

Position of cards in Celtic Cross spread (and a few suggestions for other spreads as well).

Update 2019: the original site is gone but it was archived by, so I have linked to the archived pages, because this was such a good resource. I believe if webmasters want they can have archived copies deleted, and it is a shame for this to be lost.


This is an awesome resource. THANKS!! So…?: How do you recommend incorporating the reversed card meaning with the overall position meaning? Does the reverse supersede the position?

I don’t use reversed cards because I use Jackie Barnes’ method where you place one Major and one Minor Arcana card on each spot - the Major denotes the higher spiritual levels to what’s going on, and the Minor denotes how it’s playing out in the everyday world, so I’m not actually an expert in reversed cards, but on that site, for example with The Magus, the reversed card meaning is given as: “For some reason you are working against your own creativity” - so I guess that would apply with regards to the position, instead of being the positive/active manifestation of that force.

But I’m not too skilled on Tarot and certainly not rversed cards so maybe someone more experienced can offer more sense on that! :slight_smile:


Is this the right order to spread the cards?Because i’m seeing differences in various sites for the same layout…I have a deck for almost 10 years and the manual was describing celtic cross spread like this…


                        3.                9
                  5.   1,2    6.        8
                        4.                7

Am i doing it wrong all this time?

I don’t think so, the interaction between cards and reader is what counts so the positions you intended because you learned them that way should matter more than differences like that.

For example, because I usually use 2 cards/position, I don’t think that means that only the first 10 or 11 cards I draw are the “real” Celtic cross, because that would be the first 5 Major and 5 or 6 Minor, if you see what I mean - I do both for each position before moving onto the next.

My readings are accurate but I’m not that confident in my interpretation skills and usually only see what they were really saying with hindsight, once the situation’s resolved.

(2019 removed broken image link.)

I think your version, with 10 cards and Card #2 “crossing” 1 is traditional, I seem to recall seeing it a lot in old moves, and the 11-card version is more modern.

But overall the intention seems to be key, I’ve made spreads up (something we were encouraged to do in this calss I took online years ago) and again, with hindsight, they were accurate.

Thanks Eva.It makes sense…I’m used to that pattern,so maybe it’s better for me to keep it that way.

I just found a page that associates Tarot cards with various health issues, I’m not sure how accurate this is (and usual disclaimers about it being an insight tool and not diagnostic etc) but thought I’d share:


Bumping for new members, 5 years on, I still use that (now archived) site for quick reference, since Tarot isn’t my best area. :+1:

And a link to a totally different approach to divination :

Thank You! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bookmarked and saved for reading later.