Sipping on my first batch of homemade mugwort tea

Yep- prettty simple to make with coffe filters and I figured I’d try it before bed. I haven’t done any special meditations or anything- although I know I should on a daily basis. Have yet to weight the economics of making my own vs the bought tea bags- however my real question here is has anyone ever substituted mugwort for wormwood capsules? From what I understand wormwood and mugwort are the same. Regardless I’m exploring both

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Para que lo usas? Yo lo aspiro quemado

Sorry I had to google English translation.
I have tried smoking but seems to do little for me. I’ve never just tried burning in an offering bowl.

Do you grow your own or purchased fresh?

Purchased from local RHP shop.

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Me mareo pero escuchaba los espíritus nitido

I felt dizzy but I heard the sharp spirits

I was evoking lucifer and amaymon and with the smoke of the sage I felt that I knew everything and I heard exact

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Hmm…looks like I have some research to do. I don’t know why I thought mugwort was one of the poisonous ones.

I hope not- after a few days of the tea I haven’t keeled over or anything. I was advised here to try tea. I’m quite confident it’s not as they do sell mugwort tea all ready to go I just felt this was more economical.

Actually I take that back- I have tried burning it in an offering bowl/cauldron now that I think about it but I just could never get it to stay smoldering even over white hot coals. And the herbs where dry as a bone.