Sinister destructive death rite

One of the most dangerous spells. Do not use unless you’re ready to handle such evil.

Well played.

Holy Gargamolly!

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You know since the trainwreck …err I mean the second live action smurfs movie is close to coming out something been bugging me. You know how in the original smurfs cartoon the smurfs never actually came to our world right, and in the first live action smurfs movie they did for some reason, and now their coming back to the human world again in the second live action smurfs movie? Why is this? Do studio execs really think watching a bunch of little blue people walking around a version of our world with worse comedy is more interesting then watching little blue people walk around a world where little blue people live? The first beasmaster movie was cool, but in the second movie Dar came to our world and had some moments with teenage girls and the movie was terrible. Maybe the smurfs also think they can get with teenaged girls, but I predict they will not because most teenaged girls are not into things that are very small and blue. Anyway getting back to beastmaster, Dar learned his lesson in the third movie and stayed in his own world…but it was still terrible. Therefore I rpopose this movie would be more interesting if the smurfs went tot he beastmasters planet instead of a more badly written version of our own, I’m not even sure what I’m talking about anymore, but I blame it on the curse of Garganel.

I'm not even sure what I'm talking about anymore, but I blame it on the curse of Garganel.

LOL and here we come full circle. Must have been the baneful magick.

At least it was on topic.