Sinister Demonology: The Deception of Modern Magick & The Sinister Demonology of Hebdomandry


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The Deception of Modern Magick

The fundamental mistake that the majority of Occultists of The Left Hand Path,
in the West, have made for well over five hundred years is that they have been
duped by the pretence that is Magian Occultism, especially in relation to
demons, and demonology.

Consider, for instance, the medieval Grimoires, once apparently difficult to
obtain, but now accessible, which purported to reveal secrets whereby a
sorcerer could summon, communicate with, and use, various demonic entities.
Without exception these Grimoires - from Book of Honorius to Grimoire of
Abra-Melin and beyond - are all based on the Nazarene-Hebrew tradition (which
includes the qabala) which is why, of course, the majority of them have Hebrew
names or names manufactured to be Hebrew-ish.

Even today, over a quarter of a century after the Order of Nine Angles revealed
the hitherto esoteric tradition of Hebdomadry (The Seven-Fold Sinister Way)
this Nazarene-Hebrew tradition of so-called demonology is still regarded as the
authentic, and Occult, one.

Consider, for instance, a recently (2009 CE) published book, entitled
Encyclopaedia of Demons and Demonology, which purports to be an
encyclopaedic enumeration of demons, and all of which “Western” demons
belong either to the Nazarene-Gnostic tradition or to the Nazarene-Hebrew
tradition of the medieval Grimoires and of those, like the Golden Dawn, and
Crowley, who uncritically imbibed that distorted Magian Occult tradition.

It is, moreover, highly indicative of the true nature of much vaunted
Western Occultists, such as Aleister Crowley, that they accepted, without
question, these medieval Grimoires and their Hebrewesque demons. Accepted
to such an extent in the case of Crowley that he in his pretension regarded the
so-called Grimoire of Abra-Melin (the Yahudi) as an important, indeed a
pre-eminent, Western magickal text and from which type of
Magian/qabalistic “conjurations” Crowley was able (apparently) to manifest his
so-called Holy Guardian Angel (aka his true inner - higher- self) named Aiwass.
Thus did Crowley, by means of Magian/qabalistic “sorcery”,
develope/manufacture (or be gifted with) his Liber Al vel Legis, which
somewhat pretentious document was to become his raison d’etre. Or, at least,
his excuse for proclaiming himself a Magus and pontificating about the type of
Magian magick he believed in and promulgated.

That Crowley has, since his death, managed to garnish a following who assert
he is a Magus, who proclaim his Thelema is some sort of “new age”, and who
regard him as some sort of “authority” on magick, merely reveals such followers
for the inept Occultists - and mundanes - that they are.

For the Occult veracity is that anyone possessed of genuine Occult insight, any
shred of that dark-empathy that is the foundation of true sorcery, would have
not only seen through the posturing of Crowley, but also understood, intuitively
or otherwise, the whole tradition of Magian sorcery/magick for the posturing
silliness and/or the psychic control that it is.

The Sinister Demonology of Hebdomandry

According to the esoteric tradition of Hebdomadry - claimed by the ONA to
represent the genuine Western Occult tradition - demons are a specific type of
acausal, living, entity. They do not have Hebrewesque “names”; they cannot be
summoned or controlled by any means given in the fake medieval Hebrewesque
Grimoires, just as Satan is not related to either the Hebrew Bible or to the
ontology and theology of the Nazarenes, and just as - since the so-called God of
the Hebrews and the Nazarenes does not exist - Satan is not ultimately
controllable by either this God or by humans using some Nazarene
mumbo-jumbo. For Satan Himself is a particular acausal being.

Demons, esoterically understood, are thus a type of non-human entity, from the
acausal continuum, who/which can egress to our causal, mortal, realm, by (via,
or through) a nexion. That is, they may be considered to be particular types
of acausal energy.

Thus, sorcery - esoterically and correctly understood - is (1) the use, by
an individual, individuals, or a group, of acausal energy, either directly
(raw/acausal/chaos) or by means of symbolism, forms, ritual, words, chant (or
similar manifestations or presencing(s) of causal constructs) with this usage
often involving a specific, temporal (causal), aim or aim; and (2) the drawing
forth, or the presencing of, in the causal and via a nexion, acausal entities.

Genuine Sinister Grimoires are thus texts which give instructions as to how
such entities are or may be “named” in the causal and how a nexion or nexions
to the acausal can be accessed or opened to allow such entities (and/or such
acausal energies) to manifest (be presenced) in our causal continuum: that is,
here on Earth, or in our consciousness or in the consciousness of another
human being or other human beings.

As stated in the MS Copula cum Daemone 0:

The essence of our sinister Internal Magick is Copula cum Daemone,
in either the literal sense of joining with certain acausal entities, or in
the psychic sense of nurturing, releasing, and joining with one’s inner
Baeldraca to thus become a causal-dwelling (but still mortal) sinister
changeling. In the case of one’s Baeldraca, the joining is begun by the
rite of sinister Initiation, nurtured by the journey to External Adept,
released by the Rite of Internal Adept, and fully joined (re-united) with
one’s causal being by a successful Passing of The Abyss.

In the literal sense, the joining with certain acausal entities can be
done in several ways. First, by invoking them, through Dark Sorcery,
into one’s own self. Second, by evoking them and then, again through
Dark Sorcery, having a candidate (a mortal, willing or unwilling) be a
host for the entity so evoked. Third, by opening a collocation of nine
physical nexions and recalling The Dark Gods back to our causal

A simple example of the first kind is the working with the pathways on
the Tree of Wyrd (qv. Naos). An example of the second kind is The
Ceremony of Recalling, as given in The Grimoire of Baphomet. A
fictional account of such presencings of such acausal entities is given
in Eulalia: Dark Daughter of Baphomet, and in the three stories,
Jenyah, Sabirah, and In The Sky of Dreaming

In a quite literal sense, some acausal entities - when manifest in
the causal, are demons. Mischievous evil beings who - like most
acausal beings - are shapeshifters, and can assume a variety of causal
forms, benign, animal, human, or otherwise. Some of these types of
acausal beings may have given rise to myths such as Dragons, and to
legends about Succubi and Incubi. Some acausal entities, when
manifest in the causal, are more akin to the δαίμων of classical
legends - an internal source of energy to guide, inspire, provoke,
mortals; or physically-presenced beings who watch over and guard
certain sinisterly-numinous places; or beings, temporarily residing in
the causal, who can restore the Cosmic balance by making mortals
mad or bringing them misfortune or even killing them. Still other
acausal entities, of a different acausal (but always shapeshifting)
living species, are known to us by such causal names as we have
assigned to them through a personal knowledge and past interaction
with them - for example, Baphomet, Dark Goddess and Mistress of
Earth; and Satan, The Lord of Darkness; both of whom can, if They so
desire, join with us, physically, carnally, when They are presenced in
the causal, on Earth, in some causal form that is pleasing to them, and
us, and from which union They may gift us with an acausal, immortal,
existence, if that, and we, be also pleasing to them.

Thus it is that the term Copula cum Daemone expresses the essence
of our sinister Internal Magick, the essence of some of our demonic,
dangerous (but often delightful), sinister practices, and also the goal
of our Sinister Way, which goal is an immortal existence in the realms
beyond this mortal, limited, causal, existence of ours.

What requires understanding is that - in complete contrast to Magian
Occultism, and the fake medieval Hebrewesque Grimoires, and charlatans such
as Crowley - there is no way for us, as temporal mortal beings, to control
whatever demons or whatever acausal entities we may draw forth, or presence,
in the causal continuum. No “words of power” to control such entities; no “God”
to fall-back on; no “circle of protection”. No potion, no spell or conjuration to
save us, or others. No “secret Grimoire” wherein we can find the means to make
ourselves “master” or “mistress” over such acausal energies. For such acausal
energies, such acausal entities - of whatever acausal type or acausal species -
are unbound by the constraints of our causal continuum and certainly unbound
by our own puny mortal human nature. For most such entities, from our causal
perspective, are “immortal”.

In addition, once presenced, such entities act - exist, live, dwell - in our causal
continuum according to their own acausal nature. The most - the best - we
fragile, fallible, mortal beings can do is befriend them, or be their comrades or
their lovers, as we can aspire to be or become like them.

Therefore, according to our Dark Tradition, we regard both Satan and
Baphomet as long-lost relatives (and possibly as potential lovers), to be
respected and admired but never “worshipped”.

True Dark Sorcery is thus difficult, and very dangerous. It is for those few who
dare, who can defy, and who, intuitively or otherwise, can see or feel past the
constraints that the Magian ethos - and Magian Occultism - has imposed, or
tried to impose, on us.

Practical Dark Sorcery is thus not only an esoteric Art, but also a dangerous
occupation. Sometimes, it can lead to madness; more often it leads to the
person becoming deluded, grandiloquent, and/or descending down to that
barbarism where the useful and necessary skills of reason, self-control, and
esoteric balance, have been lost.

Practical Dark Sorcery is, however, also a means whereby we can understand
ourselves, develope and evolve ourselves, and also disrupt/change our societies
and other human beings and so usher in that new sinister Aeon, that Dark
Imperium, which it is one of the aims of a sinister Adepts to bring into being, to
the detriment of mundanes and Magians alike.

Order of Nine Angles
122 Year of Fayen


Dragons are real. There are such things as incarnated dragons. They live in the physical universe as well as spirit.

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