"Singing" an angel's name: what does it mean exactly?

Hi guys, magickal experts (including the Gallery of Magick) tell you that when invoking or evoking angels, we’re supposed to “sing” their name. Does that mean literal singing? How should the melody be like? Or is it just a matter of elongating each syllable? So for instance, when calling Michael, we “sing” it as “Miii-kaaa-eeel”?

I suggest you research the technique of canting. The ONA has some great literature about it available on the web.

Think of the way Gregorian monks sing their prayers. It is melodic, and sing-songy.

You can also look at the way characters sing their dialogue in Disney movies. They speak, but it is also singing.

However, don’t get caught up on making it perfect. You could sing the name of the angel to the beat of “I’m too sexy,” and still have results.

Personally, I tend to vibrate angelic names, rather than sing them because it is easier, but if you want to sing them, just sing them in whatever way you feel comfortable doing. It will work.

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