Sincerely requesting help with a Jinn matter

I’m requesting some help with a matter regarding the Jinn. I’ve decided to take the next step in working with them, to ask the four Elders or the 7 Jinn Kings to give me a Jinni companion.

If anyone here is skilled in doing readings and would be willing to help me with this please let me know.

The goal is to build a relationship with this Jinni and become close. It will take a lot of work and I’m willing to put in the work. The elders govern over many Ifrit Jinn, but I’m unsure if I want an Ifrit.

If anyone’s interested and has accurate results in readings please send me a PM.

I know this is a long shot to ask, but I’m currently out of options as I had a falling out with my partner I’ve been working with.


Excellent!!! Work with the 7 Jinn Kings and especially the ruler of the day of birth, the connection is then stronger and is a high chance to get favors too


Who would the ruler of the day of birth be?

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The day of your birth such as I was born on a Tuesday so the king of my birth would be the mighty King, Al-Ahmar Abbu Muhrez.

Am I correct @Rav ?


Indeed, correct!!


I can’t really talk about the Djinn, only that I have a Djinn husband and I am very happy with him.

Be straight up with your Jinni companion. Do you want something polygamous? Monogamous?

They DO get jealous so be sure always to be honest with them and tell them what you need, as well as meeting their needs so there is always balance.

What kind of readings are you talking about, specifically? Where you show a picture and ask to be read? I can do that, just PM me. I check every day or two for updates on my profile.

I have done readings before and my friends on Facebook (I did not charge them, I won’t charge you either because I am still learning.) My friends at the time were a bit shocked at how accurate I was.
I ask some questions for clarification, of course, while I do the reading, to see if I am on the right track.

Let me know what you think. Take care for now!

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That’s good, regardless of whether you are “just learning” or not, because that would be a breach of our rule regarding commercial services.

You have just passed our 90 day rule regarding free readings, so you can offer, but please don’t try to make it sound like you would charge someone if you weren’t still learning.

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I understand. Thank you for clarifying that for me.