Since you can't read


I can’t write either.

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I would say that, if you advocate a specific path with skills and knowledge, getting requests is pretty much inevitable. And by getting these requests is an achievement within your own ascent.

I’m getting quite a lot of P.M’s myself and I reply on 99% of all the requests, tips and advice about succubus, spirit relationships and Lilith to them. I reply so much that most of them stop sending P.M’s after a while. I seems to be the one with the last word on my correspondence. And that’s totally fine by me, even if it ends abruptly most of the times.


Well yeah but when you get a notif on a thread that you had locked and stated a handful of times “I am not taking requests” it does make a small tick, for me at least.

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Hell if they want my help they can pay me.


Pay?! How dare you! People actually wanting something bad enough to pay for the services?! That is absolutely ridiculous!


That’s the problem. You should have reverted it instead, being so fucking DEDICATED that they get bored to even bothering you again. Belive me. It works, whether your intentions are good or less good. :stuck_out_tongue:

My time, my craft.

There’s the next problem. I get busy.

Speaking of which, do you think it’s any different for asbjorn or any other author?

There you go.

Profile up at the top - then Preferences > Notifications

Remove the CHECK or TICK from Allow other users to send me personal messages so it’s lovely and blank et voila!

No more messages - beautiful silence…

I did this after people got too friendly with me and started asking me to do rituals for them, and as we aren’t allowed to charge money or tell people where to go insert a rutabaga I thought it best.

There is a section below that where you can add user names to avoid receiving notifications from BUT it won’t blank out any of their comments.

I may look like a friendly horse until I morph into a huge lizardy scaly 4m tall draco-horsey - that upsets some people…


That’s great lol

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Yep, was interesting when I had a dream where a certain person in power looked at me and told me I was “insignificant” then turned his back on me - I tapped him on the shoulder and he wet himself as he hid behind his model wife. Credit to her - she was braver than he was!

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Cuz men are sometimes pussies lol


I don’t think you were picking up the heavy sarcasm I was using there…

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Over the internet, I never do lol. Typically I read at face value when I’m online.

He certainly wouldn’t be grabbing mine…

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This thread is cancer.

I think it’s run its course and is en route to becoming a Dead Horse…

@Fallen_Angel put something in your profile, people have to go through that to send a new PM. :+1:


If you have an Etsy or other online store you can put a link to it in your profile @HermesHorse - this goes to you too @Fallen_Angel.

This is in the rules, here, and has been for a few years.