Since the beginning

It’s been there with me. Recently I’m trying to figure out what it is that’s been behind my back, just out of arm’s reach. I will list my encounters that I have had. And if anyone can share what they know, it’ll be very appreciated. Dates aren’t accurate for there’s somethings I cant remember at the time, and something’s are just locked still.

Back when I was a teenager. We moved into a house, on the outskirts of town. Being the step child. Being treated fairly or humanely wasn’t always common for me. I’ve already experienced some of the horrors of the world to come.
Chores were a daily thing. A list was made for me and they had to be done in timely matter. So digging around the yard was nothing new. I would find marbles everywhere but along with them. Bones. Mostly animal teeth and jaws. Doing my research I’ve found many answers nothing solid of what those items meant or do. If someone cares to explain to me the meaning of the things I found thank you
One particular night during the summer it was extremely hot. Living in Texas it was always hot. Which leads me to the fact that I will always remember what took place that night. Waking up from the heat I rolled over and my hand hung off the bed. I noticed that it got silent. Not a sound followed by a bright light coming thru my window followed by a noise which I can describe as something chewing on rocks. When I heard something massive run up but yet sounded like a scurry. Came up to my bed and lick my left hand. Terrified I covered myself, sweating profusely till I fell into a deep sleep. After that I mentioned it but it got me nothing but a scorning and punishment. I read about animal spirits and that was not it. I had no emotional ties to anyone nor animals. Being locked in my room at times defecating in the corner. My time with the outside world was limit to my chores. During that time I was having dreams of the world ending in many different ways. But the dreams that for the first time were acknowledged were about a man coming to me in 3 different occasions telling me its time to go home, time to go the contract is up. And that time I was extremely upset about the fact we were going to die one day. My grandmother was brought to come and pray for me. Which I never took serious. And for a time everything stopped. Until I discovered a false wall in my bedroom and a crawl space under my bedroom floor. The rest of my house was concrete, even the bathroom but my room was in between my parents and restroom my floor was wooden. I didn’t discover anything but yet it felt like I did. Months go by and one day I found myself playing with my cousin in the field of the race horse track. Ghost stories and stories about witches wasn’t something new. That day we were playing in the back and my cousins decide to yell all of them in the direction of the swamp. Which is just a old creek . I didn’t tell I opened my mouth as if to do so, wanting to fit in was a big thing for me. After screaming on top of their lungs what felt like a minute something screamed back a woman. There was not houses back there and noone should be back there. Scared my cousins half to death it didn’t bother me it gave me satisfaction in a way for they were picking on me that day. That same field come Halloween we would go. We had a tree a mesquite tree that we had made out clubhouse cause of its size and low hanging branches. We had a game we played at night. Hide and seek but with a twist. Down to the last player we had to find was one of my cousins. I went to the tree and from the horses circling the tree a trench was formed well. In my flashlight I saw a boy wearing white shirt and blue Jean’s I called to it nothing my brothers showed up and tried to call for it and started to throw rocks at the person. When all of a sudden as all my cousins ran up we noticed the cousin that we were looking for showed up. I realised that, that want my cousin lying the trench. But as everyone ran away I walked backed it didn’t frighten me but made me feel cautious. After these occurrences things stopped. Until out of nowhere I had a imaginary friend show up now it just came out of nowhere one day I was alone next day I was talking and mentioning a “Bob”. Along with Bob came , anger. My temper was forming but only when I was told I was wrong when I knew for a fact I wasn’t. I dont like conflict till this day but I find that every time someone points in my direction and it’s not me. I fly off the handle. As I got to high school. I became more aware of this being. It would come to my bed and sit down on it. Now at the time I was still secluded from the world. I wasnt close to anyone not my family friends at school well stayed at school. Noone died that period of time, so it wasnt someone I knew visiting me. After that I went to college first year there. That time I was being independent buying myself clothes for once, shoes that I wanted. That day was weird in a way, since moving into the house and discovering the marbles and bones. Nothing showed up for years but on that day I found a black marble and that’s the day I left home after a argument with my stepfather. No fight or try to make me stay. They helped me and I moved to my grandparents house. Nothing happened there. I was going out, drinking and smoking. I meet my girlfriend at that time and she’s still with me. 7 years last June. The 1st apartment I got is when it showed up again. My friend would see it and my girlfriends mother too. The one thing I remember it doing was, dropping my graduation ring that I had placed on the dresser. It simply picked it up and dropped it right back on the dresser I acknowledged it roughly and went back to sleep. That time in the apartment my anger was growing. Sometimes bad but not all the time. Yet that year I lost what was most dear to me. My grandfather. But yet he wasnt that dear to me. He was there he treated me good spoiled me for I was the first born grandchild. I guess I say that cause I went through some messed up things and everyone just stood by and let it happen. Trust to me wasnt a thing to play with. Treat me good and vice versa. Well when he pasted it changed me. I had no longer a connection to the world. Drinking drugs no sleep where just some of the factors it brought. But one thing that always stayed was my anger it had evovled by this time. I would mentally and sometimes physically abuse people when I was intoxicated. The 2nd apartment I lived in we had roommates he would see it. But out of nowhere a shadow of a cat would appear to everyone it would dash here and there we had a cat but not 2. That time I was doing more drugs than usual. Not much happened. But one thing from all the places I’ve been I would hear voices. Not all the time, certain days and certain times I would hear the voices of people I knew. Not dead but not around, impossible to hear them. Recently I’ve heard my own voice through a session of talking to the entity. After I said if it could mimic me. It mimiced me and the answered the question it asked itself but in my mother’s voice.Now the 3rd apartment is where things changed, things went from good at times to bad almost everyday. This apartment which we still live in in the beginning we had roommates now the cat shadow was still around but more active it would be seen more and it was hard not to see it. It would show itself to my girlfriends mother in a form of a big shadow. When we first moved in while at work I got the smell of sage. And I immediately grabbed my phone and called my girlfriends mother and asked what they were doing and what they were. She paused and question how I knew. I simply replied I can smell it. Dont bring anyone over again and do that. You’re making it angry. How I knew what they were doing is a complete mystery to me. The arguments between me and my girlfriend were escalating pretty rapidly in violence and the while still drinking and drug use. It would moved my blinds for our patio door but i would just shrug it off. Until one day it moved a chair in the dining room that’s when it let my girlfriend after 7 years it was there. Soon after that she was starting to see the things it would do. Moved the blinds, move things put it back. Voices were still with me but she started to hear them too. Of me saying things. Of others talking laughing. She betrayed me throughout the years and in that apartment she betrayed me in a way that is unfathomable but I told her what is done is done. I will let it go but I won’t forget. Revenge was my game. And I did it well. Never betrayed her. But with the entity I felt like it was punishing her for me with the things it did. Driving her mad is the best way I can out it. For a time we stopped the drug use. I was cultivating my own shrooms. And I was experimenting with them. That’s when things started to make sense. And that when I started questioning things. Now the next part of this story I will share later. For it contains sensitive information I feel like i should wait to tell. So if anyone can maybe tell me what they think this thing is I’ll appreciate it. Once I feel confident enough of who I believe can help me the most I’ll share the findings of my experiments, my sessions of talking to it. And if necessary the audio I’ve captured.

…a parasite

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Yeah, parasite, a nasty one - and you’ve been feeding it well for a long time.

She was doing the right thing, it was working and the entity pulled your strings to get her to stop. Then it punished you both with mutual strife and betrayal, and fed of the energy that created.

Yeah having read this, you need to get out from under it’s heel and sort yourself out. It won’t kill you since you’re it meal ticket, but it can get much worse form here, especially as it knows you’re getting this kind of advice. It will hide, it will fight, it will tell you whatever it needs t to get you not to get rid of it… No genuine guide will do these things.

Whatever happens, just remember that in the end, you’re the one with the power. Fixing this is in your hands and always will be. You gave it this power over you, and you can take it away.

Please break it up with paragraphs? Walls of text are very hard to read.

Well after reading. Parasites 101 like you suggested it makes sense, everything. I am now convinced and prepared to get rid of it.

Looking at some threads on how to get rid of it. I will be doing a house cleansing. I have an idea of what to do. Any tips on what I should do specifically while cleansing my dwelling.

Now since it’s been with me for so long. What would recommend? I know you said therea some banishing spells for beginners. Would those work for my situation?

I appreciate your time and patience. This is helping me a lot.