Since my Introduction Ritual to Lucifer, my dreams became "weird"

I had several weird dreams before. Dreams where I possibly saw my past life’s scenes. Dreams where I got hurt and through that, in the material world, my physycal body as well. Dreams where I saw the future, and much more but…

Since my Introduction Ritual, my dreams are became… weird. More precisely, the “way” how they are “happens”. They don’t feel like dreams, at all.
I can’t notice those “dream signs” what I was able before, or it’s “states”. And when I wake up for a some minutes, It is a problem to me to notice that I dreamt (even when I’m in), then suddenly I can remember to details but it’s… it’s simply not dream-like, at all. None of them, in every night.

This can be a (good) sign? Possibly the effect of my introduction, or something?

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Seems like a great sign to me. Sounds like you’re waking up and remembering your dream-state OBEs. So from here maybe just keep it going so you can keep learning and either learn to do that while awake, and/or learn to lucid dream so you can control it. :slight_smile: Nice work!

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I’m so glad to these fast changes, really. I’ve been thirsting for it for a long time. Not because I haven’t had such experience so far, but because everything what I’ve done or what happenef was absolutely ungovernable.

I can remember dreams where I was able to read even latin and hebrew writings, at different ages. I’ll do my best to handle this whole as I can. But I don’t know who did this, I just want to say thanks to Him (if there is a God’s hand in this).

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