Simple Sigil To Protect You From Curses

This is a very simple and straightforward sigil.

The aspects and functions are as follows:

  1. The circle creates a boundary around your Auric field, protecting you.
  2. The square represents the castle walls protecting the royalty, you, inside. In Numerology, the number 4 resonates with structure and is highly stable. Nothing undesirable is getting through these four castle walls. In Tarot, it corresponds to the Emperor who brings form into the environment.
  3. The shield defends you as well as reflects any undesirable energies directed your way.
  4. The symbol of Saturn, ruler of all things boundary. This power of Saturn reinforces and strengthens the overall purpose of the sigil.

Place it under your pillow and have sweet dreams.

Good night!


Is there a reason for placing it under the pillow?
What if I bring it with me?

This is great thank you!

That part is for beginners and non-practicing people who may not know what to do with a sigil. If you are familiar, yes you can totally bring it with you.

You’re welcome!

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This is a neat sigil, did you create it based on the attributes of each part?

Thank you!

I did the reverse. I created it based on inspiration from the forum and then delineated the attributes based on their meanings.