Simple Sex Candle

My partner was tired from work and sex drive went out the window for a little while. I was also stressed and exhausted, not much fire on my end either.

So I got a candle that had two wicks.

I lit the first wick and said “with this flame, I ignite passion and desire for me within *insert partner’s name here”

I lit the second and said “with this flame, I ignite passion and desire for insert name again within myself”

“And with this candle, I bring us together in sexual embrace”

Every night I lit it, it didn’t fail.
And it was glorious :fire:
If the sheets have been clean and cold for a little while, try this and see if it works for you. Life can drag us down sometimes and lack of energy certainly effects things even when you are super attracted to and in love with each other. It happens.
You can find candles resembling embracing lovers, but any candle with two wicks will do.

It’s discreet, for those who’s partners do not know of their practices. No sigils to hide or dispose of, you can pretty much do it right in front of their face and get out of the mental rut a little quicker.
Not a complicated ceremonial whoopdie doo, but I thought I’d share the success.

Happy Casting,
:rose: Jezebelle :rose: