Simple magic for beginners during quarantine

I’m a newbie here seeking for help…
I am looking for simple magic spells, rituals and all the things we can do with minimal to no resources like sigil making as many of us including me don’t have much resources cuz of current situation.
So I’d highly appreciate it if you all help me and many newbies like me😊
Pls do share any type of simple magic which can help us all in different aspects of life.
Links and vids will be highly appreciated :v:t4:

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LBRP and Star Ruby (I practice a ritual that mixes both)
Rune yoga (I also do Hebrew letters yoga)
Worship whatever you want, without hurting yourself nor others nor breaking valuable stuff
Read books about magick or about aspects of life that are part of your magick, or listen to podcasts, or watch videos about those things
Summon and cast runes and Hebrew letters by “drawing” them in the air
Analyze Qabalistically aspects of reality
Listen to music that inspires you in your craft


Hello! Welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
You can start off with simple Magick and spells like luck, prosperity and protection. I’ve posted a protection spell for beginner which is very easy to do.


Say prayers to Archangels and make offerings to them.


Here is a forbidden spell. Go and stand outside.

Yes, that is the full extent of of the spell, but it is banned now for curves.


Aye thank you very much! But I have a question in this protection meditation are we only supposed to call on demons cuz when it comes the protection the first thing that comes to mind is archangel Raphael but yes if it’s only for demons can you suggest some?

Mhm I’ve only heard of word runes but never knew what they actually are ( I also do not know what herbrew letter yoga is😬)guess I’ll do some digging in it and it would be great if you could help me🙃

It’s my pleasure. :slightly_smiling_face::heart::sparkles:
This is only for demons as far as I’ve learnt through my mentor…and there are many suggestions related to demons for protection given by many amazing and experienced people here, check them out. In my opinion Lucifer is a ultimate protector. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

You will probably won’t find much, because it was something that was revealed to me, yet there must be other people doing the same postures or similar postures. Both rune yoga (which is a practice that can be easily found in videos and books) and Hebrew letter yoga are about making with your body the shapes of the letters. In rune yoga there is not a single way of doing a posture, althugh some are very obvious, they also can be done as mudras. You could find your own way of doing the Hebrew letter postures (without hurting yourself, obviously) and if not, I received mines by summoning the letter Chet in my head at night, I was heavily influenced by the energies of Geburah and had some visions about a certain leader of my country, then the postures came to my body, some in a more clumsy way that others

I myself have a very extensive list of very practical and easy spells (in Brazil, we call them simpatias, and they are mostly for love and money but there are simpatias for literally anything and everything), but one I will recommend to you right now is soap carving. Literally just grab a fresh new bar of soap (if you would like to add a little more intention, grab soap with the color that represents what you want, or with aromas that correspond to what you want, but that is not at all necessary) and with a clean knife, carve your intention into the bar (for example: love, money, prosperity, health. Be as specific or a simplistic as you’d like.). Now, you use the soap! Shower and wash your body thoroughly with the soap. A specific simpatia for love I have come across is: grab a new bar of soap (white), carve the name of the person you want to attract into the soap, wash yourself with the soap for seven days, specifically at the following times: 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, 6PM.

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