Simple love spell

To incite love or lust, sexual orgasm is used and is directed into the soul of the desired one. This ideally should be done often and when he or she is asleep. Stimulate yourself to climax by fantasizing over the desired one. At the moment of climax, visualize the energy lighting up his/her entire body and aura and command it with an affirmation. The affirmation should be short, in the present tense and to the point. For example: “[name of desired one] is deeply in love with me and desires me sexually.”

To further empower the spell, go into a trance and when he/she preferably is sleeping, visualize his/her and pull out his/her light body and gently but firmly command it. For example: [name of desired one], you love me and desire me greatly, every day. You find me totally irresistible."

The more often you do this, the better. This may also have to be reinforced every so often.

To break up a couple or to deter a potential interest, you would put an aura of revulsion around the person you wish to isolate. For example, [name of person]’s aura is repelling all of [name of person interested or in love with] interests, affection and attraction in every way. [Name of person] is revolting and repulsive to [name of person interested or in love with]. You infuse the energy into the aura of the person you want to keep isolated from the one who has an interest. You get the basic idea. One’s aura will act on the other and create an indifference, or even enmity. It can take a lot of energy, but in breaking up a couple, you can do this to each of their auras so that they find each other disgusting and break up.


There was something similar in Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Bible.

Are you cool with that book, or is that not acceptable in JoS?

Any true spiritual satanist HATES Laveyan Satanism! Anton Lavey stole philosophy, symbols, keys, quotes and teachings from OUR teachings of spiritual satanism and combined them with Christian philosophy. Using the prayers from the “Satanic Bible - AL” would be praying to the “Xian” God.
However i agree on working for one’s self and becoming the best you can be!

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That’s why I wanted to check with you. I guess the “Satanic Scriptures” are out too.

Any recommendations?

What color should be the repulsion aura?

What about Brown or Kaki, something not pretty or attractive like a bright Blue or a soft Pink.