Simple Invocation Method

Okay so I found this method, but wanna run it by y’all first.

So apparently placing a sigil underneath a candle of their color is one method. Also writing the request behind the sigil as well.

What ya think

What do you mean by “invocation”?

I have a feeling invocation means something much different to me than it does to you and I want to understand what you’re view of it is.

What are you wanting to do with this method?


I already have my sigils drawn with black marker, semen and blood on top of said sigils.

Was going to light a candle that corresponds with them

Lucifer- silver candle

Sitri- red candle

Lucifuge- black

I got a couple of requests I could use help with

So you simply mean “contact and request the help from” these entities, rather than establishing a direct line of communication with them. Is that correct?

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at the moment; yes to be honest.

Its to a point its interfering with my development and I could use the help.


Couple of more questions and then I’ll tell you how I’d handle it.

Can you sense or feel energy in any way?

Do you have any psychic senses open?

Do you have any reliable way you’ve found to communicate with spirits yet?

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yes; tingles, warming of the neck or shivers



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Ok, based on your strengths, I would start off with a pendulum divination. Always perform divinations before going into a ritual.

If everything checks out, I would write my request on a piece of paper. I would light whatever candle you feel is right for that spirit and call it forth … something like “Lucifer, come to me! Answer my call! Lucifer, Come Forth! Lucifer, Come Forth! Lucifer, Come Forth!”

Lose yourself in that chant, calling him forth over and over as you imagine him coming closer in your mind. I don’t care if I have to do it for 3 minutes or 3 hours. Use whatever visualization of imaginary symbolism works for you. Maybe you see him walking through a doorway. Maybe you just see his energy coming through the candle flame itself. Whatever works for you.

When you can feel him there, read your petition aloud to him. And then set it on fire and burn it, calling out to the spirit. Something like this … “Lucifer, move the very Heavens and the Earth to bring me that which I request! Manifest my Will upon This World! It Is My Will! It Is Done!”

When I say that last bit, I slap my hands together loudly, knowing that soundwave goes forth into the universe, carrying my intention with it.

And then comes the hard part. I know my work is done and I just let it go. I go about my living my life, knowing that my magick is powerful and it worked. And I take whatever action comes to me to take.

For example, if I’m asking for money and I feel like “Hey, I should take a walk”, then I get up right then and take a damn walk. More often than not, that’s the key to bringing me to what I claimed as mine.

Anyway, that’s how I would do it. Hope it helps.


thank you very much man.

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Very powerful words, I’ll use this in my next ritual upon closing.


Thank you much for giving this manual for ritual doing!:slight_smile:!!!