Simple Fuckery

1.) I’m looking for the perfect background image for,
“God may have wrote the Bible,
but the Church edited it.”
(Maybe some asshole priest with a pencil erasing lines in a copy he’s writing?)

Something along those lines.

2.) Looking for a remote controlled planchette for a Ouija board.

3.) I’m looking for a website similar to that has all the answers anyone interested in occult shit. Joy of Satan was catchy. I could give a fuck less about all the Nazi shit, it had good shit that I used alot. But for some unknown reason it doesn’t exist anymore. Fucking sucks, so if there is anything equivalent but not some stupid name like… NO,
Something catchy.

4.) I want to make a business card with some esoteric mind blowing shit that will wake people up and get them interested in looking into the occult.

“Satan whip Jesus’ ass any old day.”

“Jesus was a Witch”.

I’m thinking of making a rubber stamp, so as to quickly mark “index cards” or what have you. So many white walls in this public restroom.

  1. Joy of Satan are still up. It took me all of 2 minutes to find it.

It’s now. Everything is still there.


It’s redirecting to
Which is good!:blush::+1:

For a time it was down.
And I was bummed about it.